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Create a java button 'bookmark this page' Create a Java Card applet using JavaCard 2.2.1 API for the following requirements (maximum 10 out of 10): ? Encrypt and Decrypt a file (PDF, Word or another format) with AES or DES algorithm. ? The Java Card application exchanges message and is selected Create a java chat applet for chatspace Create a Java class using generics: Trio Create a Java class, using httpclient api Create a JAVA code to check the performance of a project file Create A java Desktop Application with Oracle database Create a Java desktop simulator Create a Java distributed file system 2 Create a Java distributed file Web sytem Create a Java distributed file Web sytem URGENT Create a Java function to calculate Easter Monday Create a Java function to place text on PDF with itextSharp etc Create a java game Create a Java GUI using JavaFX Create a Java Library UI for school project Create a Java Look & Feel Theme from HTML Template
Create a Java MakeFile for tiny completed program Create a java module Create a Java or PHP TCP/IP Chat (including: jquery, javascript, event driven ajax streaming, mysql) Create a java Paypal payment interface for Existing App Create a Java pennyauction website Create a Java Program create a java program Create a Java Program -- 2 Create a java program class named Package with data fields for weight in ounces, shipping method, and shipping cost. Create a java program from uml diagram and documentation Create a JAVA program that interact with MySQL to do some simple operations against a database create a java programme Create a Java Restful Client create a java script popup Create a Java Script to Change HTTP Referer Url. Create a Java Server and API to conjugate verbs Create a Java simulator