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Create a resume - Repost - Create a review website similar to trip advisor. create a revised homepage image for our site. - Create a Risk Model - Probability Model Create a Risk Model - Probability Model -- 2 - Create a Role and custom capabilities for post type Create a roll-over for the logo of our Squarespace site - create a rss page create a Rss scroller for our homepage - Create a Sage 50 sales commissions report (MySQL) Create a sailing magazine - create a sales page using elegant themes convertible or divi theme Create A Sales Page Video For Me (Audio Is Done) paying well - Create a sales/landing page Create a Sales/POS Inventory Software with Cake PHP - Create a sample project after installing requirejs, angularjs and create a project structure using yeoman Create a Sample project for download files in xamarin crossplatform - Create a scale floor diagram from a drawing Create a scaled floor plan for retail store - create a Scissors Paper Stone project Create a scope doc for a scraping tool (no dev required) - Create a scrapper Create a scrapper - Create a screen saver from an animation with a password protect function and ability to load background using this animation Create a screen scraper and do some data analysis - Create a script and a create form with dynamically calculated fields to display the calculated values from within the spreadsheet upon submission. Create a script and scrape emails from the list of websites i have given in excel. - Create a Script For My Facebook Fan Page Create a script for providing Instagram Followers/Likes - CREATE A SCRIPT OR APP CREATE A SCRIPT OR APP -- 2 - Create a script that grabs information from a site and store it in a db Create a script that integrates with inuit/quickbooks hosted paypage - Create a script to autoresize height on a embed external data Create a script to bulk delete fake followers from a date - Create a Script to Make Windows 7, 8, or 10 into 'Embedded' version Create a script to map a field in Zoho - Create a Script to update google spreadsheet (stored in in real time from Microsoft Excel (Desktop - Windows) Create a Script to update google spreadsheet (stored in in real time from Microsoft Excel (Desktop - Windows) -- 2 - create a script/software for bulk domain name search availability Create a Script/Way to Frame & iFrame Facebook & Similar Sites - create a search capablity, organised output and reporting capability with charts in excel Create a Search Dropdown - create a search module for course manager create a search module for zoo component - Create a Second Sidebar in IPB 3.2 Create a second store on Magento on same hosting - create a selenium based software to click google ads automatically Create a self deleting file to delete at a certain time - create a SEO friendly wordpress site Create A SEO Holding Page - Create a series of digital ads for GDN and Facebook create a series of digital photo collages/montages that share a common theme, stylistically and conceptually - Create a series of videos Create a Series of Videos for Students (using animation) - Create a service for geolocate data using rails Create a Service Status script - Create a set of cartoon styled images & Facebook banner Create a set of chess pawns in 3D - Create a set of videos Create a set of web banners - Create a Sharepoint 2013 Site Create a Sharepoint 365 workflow for a Word 365 Document - Create a shipping website using Shippo API that accepts Bitcoin Create a Shipping.csv for Magento - Getting data from single website - Create a Shopify filter products like Power Tool Create a shopify Fullfillment app - create a shopify webstore Create a Shopping "Facebook Page" - Create a ShopStyle API for Wordpress Create a Shopstyle API for Wordpress - Create a short 3D video/animation like example in description create a short 5 minutes videos (content provided) - Create a short animated video explaining a business concept. The video should be around 1 minute to 2 minutes, with english voice over. Create a Short Animated Video Introduction - Create a short catoon clip Create a short character animated e-card - Create a short intro Create a short intro and outro clip - Create a Short Screencast Demo of Product Features Create a short seamless looped Gif - Create a short video (modern) Create a short video - 30 sec - presentation of event - FUN video - Create a short video from video clips Create a short video in existing look and feel - Create a show casing Video create a showcase site for a company, create a graphical model of a company and finally the last html / css of a model - Create a sign-up calendar and workflow for WordPress site Create a Sign-up Flow for Service. Needs to save data to DB at each step and allow reporting. Styles Provided. - Create a similar game as Pokemon go Create a similar game in IOS for Ipad and iphone - Create a similar site in wordpress with different colors (I can provide mockups) create a similar site like or - Create a similar website create a similar website - CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE LIKE THIS Create a similiar site - CREATE A SIMPLE & COMPREHENSIVE REAL ESTATE WEBSITE Create a Simple 'Yahoo Pipe' - Create a simple 3 page site using html, css and javascript Create a simple 3 page website in HTML - Create a simple admin to control user comments and rank Create a simple admin tool for existing Google Map - Create a simple android app Create a simple android app - Create a simple animated logo gif Create A Simple Animated Lyric Video - Create a simple app web and mobile using google spreadsheet Create a simple app + backend functionality - Create a simple art design for packaging purposes Create A Simple Article Spinner Program - Budget Price Only - create a simple billing system for a restaurant in VB. Create a simple bitcoin gambling webgame on my website - create a simple but good website Create a simple but legitimate looking kenyan bank statement with provided info - Create a simple code using AngularJS and Prestashop WebService Create a Simple Combination Tool - Create a simple custom linux pre-login program Create a simple custom software - Create a simple design based on existent website create a simple design for inside of cafe Menu. - Create a Simple eCommerce Site Using Visual Studio Create a simple editable PDF Document - create a simple facebook banner---- Create a SImple Facebook Canvas page. - Create a simple form and send details to email address Create a simple form creator - create a simple game with JavaScript (and jQuery and Raphaël) Create a simple game with Unreal Development Kit 4 - Create a simple HTML / PHP form Create a simple HTML eBay listing Template - Create a simple icon set create a simple illustrator logo based on my rough sketch - Create a simple iOS video playback app Create a simple iPhone + iPad numeric keyboard - Create a simple Java desktop client using Swing Create a simple JAVA JAR executable file to exploit some REST Web Service API - Create a simple landing page Create a simple landing page - create a simple logo create a simple logo - Create a simple MACRO task Create a Simple Magento Extensio - Create a simple model in Unity 3D Create a simple Moodle plugin to generate reports in CSV and XML format - Create a simple one page Android pilot application using PhoneGap (or maybe other tools) create a simple one page checkout cart for landing pages - create a simple page ! Create a simple page from PSD/PDF on Wordpress site - very simple page - Create a Simple Php Script
Create a simple PHP script - Create a simple plugin that allows link entered in admin side to be used in button on website Create a simple plugin that allows link entered in admin side to be used in button on website -- 2 - create a simple poster-- create a simple poster--- - Create A Simple Program for ASCII Create a SIMPLE program that automatically changes process priority in task manager to realtime - Create a simple responsive HTLM5/Javascript/CSS data visualization! Create a simple responsive HTLM5/Javascript/CSS visualization! - Create a simple Script/Batch File to Create/Update/Delete SQL Server Entries Create a simple scripted Real Time Communication Server in VB6 - Create a simple Software Create a simple software - Create a simple string quiz plugin for WordPress create a simple style for a post loop - Create a simple tram and metro software in Java - repost 4 Create a simple Twitter API based web application - Create a simple video Create a simple Video - Create a simple web based system to monitor youtube channel uploads Create a simple web blog (mini site) - create a simple webpage for a website Create a simple webpage for applicants. - create a simple website Create a simple website - Create a simple website for an art gallery with joomla Create a simple website for an online language school - Create a simple website that displays information from an SQL DB with one table Create a simple website to update multiple social networks - Create a Simple Windows UI Application Create a simple wireframe for Home Page - Create a Simple Wordpress Plugin Create a Simple Wordpress Plugin - Create a Simple Wordpress Template Create a Simple Wordpress Template - create a simple wordpress wepsite create a simple Wordpress/WooCommerce Payment module to accept reload card codes as payment for Bitcoin - Create a simple, minimal Wordpress Template with events calendar Create a simple, SEO friendly, mobile optimized, landing page - Create a single colour and 2 colour logo Create a single Email Database from 3 x separate databases - Create a single page in Joomla + RS files component (PSD > Joomla) - create a single page just like this - Create a Single Use Password Protected area on my website Create a Single User License for My software - Create a site create a site - create a site for photographers to send pictures to clients to choose Create a site for reviewing and rating objects - Create a site like Create a site like - Pawn Shop - Create a site map generator for 700.000 images Create a site MFRURAL - Create a site similar to Create a site similar to - Create a site using Reseller API Create a site using site builder - Create a sitemap in xml and xls Create a sitemap of my wordpress site for submission to google webmaster tools - Create a skin for my website Create a skin for our user interface - Create a slider create a slider - Create a slideshow Create a Slideshow (photo story) - create a slot machine game for me (for android) Create a slot machine graphic - Create a small Android phone app Create a small animated explainer video - create a small coding excercise with angular.js and write unit test cases using jasmine Create a small controller GUI for HTC Vive VR app - Create a small HTML Template Create a small HTML Tool - Database - Create a Small Mobile Website application Create a small movie file using Adobe After Effects for a website landing page - Create a small program that simply reads phones IMEI when they are plugged in Create a small program that will modify Etsy listings - Create a Small Video Create a Small Video - Needs to be done URGENT - Create a small website and integrate API Create a small website as a landing site - Create a smartphone app - repost 2 Create a smartphone app using windows azure mobile services - Create a Snapchat Geotag Create a Snapchat like app using Ionic, Angular, and socket.js - Create a social feed in php Create a Social Football community in "Angular JS , Node JS and Mongo DB" - Create a social media website. Create a social media/idea generation software platform - Create a social network using YII Framework Create a Social Network Website - Create a social networking website Create A Social Networking Website and a business website - Create a sofa and curtain building site with GUI Create a SOFA in 3D with Animation - Create a software application to integrate with our webstore hosted on powerstores Create a software based on excel spreadsheets . for human resource , accounting and purchasing for construction company - Create a software for the game "Tarocchino Bolognese" Create a software for virtual cards - Create a software that interfaces with a video file Create a software that reads magnetic or elettrical stuffs on playing card and send it to a server or type it anywhere - Create a software which changes your ip Create a software which will use API from bet365 for live in play. - Create a solution that we can use to compare and update spreadsheets Create a solution with some ingredients - Create a Soundcloud App for my project's Facebook Page Create a SoundCloud Fan Gate Application by using Soundcloud API - Create a Special Landing Page Create a special landing page that freeze for 5mins - Create a spinning bottle (3D)(shark) Create a spinning image animation - Create a Sports Wordpress Template Create a sportspress live feed of data with links provided - Create a spreadsheet of contacts Create a spreadsheet of game stores in the US - Create a spring banner for a floral company Create a Spring MVC application with a REST Web Service - Create a squeeze page Create a squeeze page with my aweber form - Create a standalone GUI to input information into template MS Office Documents Create a standalone Mac App from Django project (Py2App) - Create a static build of VLC Create a static build of VLC ( ) including all codecs - Create a STEAM lottery. [Not for real money, for in-game items] Create a steam trade bot for raffle site - Create a Stock photography Site Create a stock portfolio excel document - Create a Story book about the visit of a company official. Create A Story Book Wedding Album - Create a stream to user file hosting leech site. Create a streamgraph with scrolling and realtime data with multiple time resolutions using D3.js. - Create a stunning Logo Design Create A Stunning Marketing Report - Create a Stylish Website Create a Stylish Website - repost - Create a subtitle Create a subtitle file for 3 video files. - Create a surgical animation video for an orthopaedic device Create a survey - Create a SVG and JavaScript "music video" visualisation to accompany an MP3 sound file Create a svg cut file with arabic font Designs - Create a system Create a System admin panel according to my instructions - create a t shirt fishing team Create a t shirt for my class - Create a tabbed web page with related contents Create a table - Create a Tag Archive Page Create a tag line - Create a tagging website