Projects Directory : Create a short youTube advert for a niche outdoor online store - Create a very simple single page website and show a google map with some POIs

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Create a short youTube advert for a niche outdoor online store - Create a sidenav with animated submenu Create a sign for my business to be used on the side of a trailer - create a silverlight chat control Create a silverlight page, that will allow the user to capture video from their webcam and then save it on server as wmv - Create a similar search functionality with Google Map circle API Create a Similar Simple English Learning Software - Create a similar Website Create a similar website - Create a similar website to Create a similar website to Quibids - Create a simpla Mobile app like my old (attached app too) Create a simple 5 second 2D Animation - Create a simple 2D Animation Create a simple 2D animation (please read description) - create a simple a 3 poster --d create a simple a3 poster from my design - Create a simple and uber cool website for VINCO STUDENTS. Create a simple and unique casual videogame using Unity3D - Create a simple Android Order Taking App Post Existing Only create a simple android project - Create a simple animation video of 2 minutes Create a simple animation, topic: CrowdFunding - create a simple application for iPhone . Create a simple application in C# on ASP.NET platform - create a simple banner for a website create a simple banner for a website -- 2 - create a simple brochure design Create a Simple Brochure for my IOS App - Create a simple Chrome extension and upload on webstore Create a simple Chrome extension to show blog last posts - Create a Simple Cross-platform Desktop Messaging App Using JavaFX Create a simple css file - Create a simple database using Oracle 10g Create a simple database web application with authenticating users and generating report - Create a simple EA from my custom indicator Create a simple EasyPHP login website prototype for me? - Create a simple Facebook app that manages a monthly contest of one of our products, leading people to like the page and post it on their walls Create a simple Facebook application - Create a simple food website with no e-commerce system CREATE A SIMPLE FOOTER PSD - Create a simple game involving anthropomorphic (furry) animal characters Create a simple game play iPhone app. - Create a simple high quality shape and deliver it in .stl format. Create a simple hitbot Part1 - Create a simple HTML5 Quiz web app Create a simple icon - create a simple ios Application for latest goverment jobs Create a simple iOS mobile application - Create a Simple Java Application - Random Number Frequency Create a simple Java desktop application that controls a motor. - Create a simple landing page Create a simple landing page - create a simple logo create a simple logo - need to see a mokcup first - Create a Simple Magento Extension based on existent website create a simple magento store using psd - Create a simple MT4 custom indicator Create a Simple MT4 Forex Indicator from API data source - Create a simple one page landing page app on Wordpress. Create a simple one page PDF graphic about social networking site demographics - Create a simple PC application to unzip an XML file, allow modifications and rezip Create a simple PDF fillable file - Create a simple php script for my SMS project Create a simple PHP script for plugin - create a simple poster create a simple poster - graphic design - create a simple poster----------- from sketch create a simple poster----------- from sketch - Create a simple prototype GPS Create a simple prototype to connect to IBM FileNet - Create a simple responsive website to calculate some formulas based on the Excel Spreadsheet Create a simple responsive website to calculate some formulas based on the Excel Spreadsheet -- 2 - Create a simple show create a simple simulated file system - create a simple sport forum - repost Create a simple sport online store with wordpress - Create a Simple Text Messenger Editer Create a simple TEXT to MD5,SHA512,etc. Converter (PHP / HTML) - Create a Simple Unix Shell in C Create a simple uploader form - Create a simple votation website Create a simple Voxel 3D Dog with run and sit Animation - CREATE A SIMPLE WEB PAGES Create a simple web portfolio - Create a simple website Create a simple website - Create a simple website CMS system create a simple website design - Create a simple website in WordPress create a simple website logo -- - Create a simple website without a payment gateway. - Repost create a simple website- - Create a Simple Wordpress Blog Theme Create a simple wordpress blog with wishlist membership plugin - Create a simple Wordpress plugin! Create a Simple Wordpress Responsive Template - Create a Simple Wordpress Theme to Showcase Photos Create a Simple WordPress Website - create a simple youtube video from text i provide Create a simple Youtube video with product images - Create a simular site under wordpress Create a simular site under wordpress - repost - Create a Single Male Cartoon Character 3D Model for Unity 3D using Maya or 3ds Max Create a single mobile page (Code only. No graphic design) - create a single php page Create a single powerpoint slide from a hand drawing. - create a siri like automated system Create A Site - create a site for a tour guide in Marrakech Create a site for Adults - Create a site like Create a Site like an existing one - Create a site making $25 - $50 a day Create a site making $25 - $50 a day - Create a site similar to Create a site similar to Evite - Create a site that makes at least $10 daily adsense. Create a Site the earns £20 a day - Create a Sitemap for Google with SEO considerations Create a sitemap for MTDb - Movie Database website - Create a skill based test for Android Developer Create a Skin - Create a Slide show Video Create a Slide show video with multiple pictures. Add effects and background music - Create a Slider/Carousel for Homepage Create a SlideShare - Create a slogan generator and insert on my site Create a slogan/tag-line for our company - Create a small Android App Create a small Android app - Create a small cartoon with After Effects Create a small clone of a classic game in Unity - Create a small form based page Create a small functionality extension to existing Classic ASP print shop application - Create a Small mobile app for Android, iOS and blackberry platform create a small mobile app ios and android - create a small program create a small program - Create a small Unity3D MMO prototype/scene modifying an existing asset Create a small user manual - create a small website - Repost create a small website - repost - Create a smartphone app Create a smartphone app - repost - Create a Snapchat Add-on Create a snapchat filter - Create a Social Engine 4.x Plugin
Create a social event app - Create a Social Media Website Create a Social Media Website with Like, Follow, View script - Create a social network type of app Create a social network using Buddpress on Wordpress - Create a Social Networking Website Create a social networking website - Create a Socks5 on a Windowsserver Create a sofa and curtain building site with GUI - Create a Software Application that Analyses and Copies HTML Code Create a software application to integrate with our webstore hosted on powerstores - Create a software for Teachers Create a software for the game "Tarocchino Bolognese" - Create a software that interfaces with a video file Create a software that reads magnetic or elettrical stuffs on playing card and send it to a server or type it anywhere - Create a software which changes your ip Create a software which will use API from bet365 for live in play. - Create a solution that we can use to compare and update spreadsheets Create a solution with some ingredients - Create a Soundcloud App for my project's Facebook Page Create a SoundCloud Fan Gate Application by using Soundcloud API - Create a special landing page that freeze for 5mins Create a special menu button for web platform - Create a splash image Create a Splash Page - Create a spot for a banner on a webpage Create a Spot the Ball Competition - Create a Spreadsheet of Microbreweries in Australia Create a Spreadsheet of Qualifying URLs - Create a sprite sheet for a cute puppy Create a sprite sheet for a cute puppy. - Create a Squidoo lens Create a squidoo lens - Create a standalone script to farm contact details Create a standard and add pictures to a catalog - Create a static HTML website from psd design Create A Static html Website Of Approx 12 Pages - Create a Step-by-Step guide for a web application using screen-shorts and text create a step-by-step guide for creating a web application - Create a Stop Motion Animation on Current Affairs Create a Stop Motion Animation Video - Create a Storyboard Create a Storyboard - Create a Street Food website Create a streetscape rendering for a residential street - Create a Stunning Wordpress Template Create a stunning WordPress webshop including WooCommerce - Create a subdomain on apache with htaccess Create a subdomain on unmanaged server hosted with - Create a sum up table Create a Summary Clinical Study - Create a survey form Create a survey form - Create a swift app example for Bluetooth reader Create a Swim Club member registrion form - Create a system of supply and booking Create a system that automatically maintains a replica of a site on a different host - Create a t-shirt design lab Create a T-shirt design. - Create a table on a WP page Create a table on my site that copies data from a database table - Create a task inside mTurk Create a task scheduler in vb 6 - Create a teaser from 20 sec footage Create a Teaser Video 30 Sec - Create a Template Create a Template - Create a template for a Joomla component Create a Template for a Lyrics Website - Create A template for GeoCore Classified website Create a template for goanimate - Create a Template for WHMCS 5 Create a template for Wordpress - create a template similar to Netflix Create a template softcopy of our Client Profile - Create a Tesseract OCR training set for me Create a test " Costumer service in a 5 stars hotel " (Reception, costumer service, restaurant area..) - Create a Text Link Tracker in PHP / MySQL Create a Text Logo for my website & app - Create a THEME - NOT a website - Pls READ BEFORE BID -- 2 Create a theme / template similar to a current site. - Create a Theme for Wordpress Store + Mobile Enabled create a theme for WP Blog - Create a ti-30XS calculator Emulator Create a ticket booking software - Create a Times font for ancient language (paleo hebrew) Create a Timesheet Mobile Apps in ios mobile devices ($300 usd) - Create a Title intro for my YouTube channel. Create A Title Sequence For Horror Web Series - Create a Tool of customization for case phone on magento create a tool on my wordpress website - Create a Top 10 Video (Highlight Intro + Top 10 Countdown) Create a top 10 video for You Tube Channel - Create a total corporate identity for a delivery service ( Already have logo) Create a total of 10 videos each of 5-6 minutes for our company services. - Create a tractor website Create a Trade only App - Create a training program with web and non web delivery Create a training schedule & match optimization - Create a travel booking form using Formidable Pro Create a travel booking site - Create a Tri-Fold Brochure Create a tri-fold brochure - Create a Tumblr Blog Network Create a Tumblr Blog Network -- 2 - Create a tutorial video for an android app Create a tutorial Video for my website - create a tvOS app that displays data from JSON API create a TVos app to display JSON API data - Create a Twitter Data API and Basic Interface Create a Twitter following - Create a two-minute animation video for a website Create a two-sided Rails eCommerce platform - Create a UI based on a template provided Create a UI builder tool for mass distribution - Create a UNIQUE and CUSTOM WordPress Template Create a unique and expressive animated music video tribute - Create a unique social network for art music fashion and entertainment Create a unique video (pyramid in water) - Create a Unity3D library for Mesh manipulation supporting Multiple Platforms Create a Unity3D plugin to access mach_time functionality with Xcode - Create a URL Shortener website with extended iframe work Create a URL Shortening, Referrer Blanking Script - Create a user friendly travel/ tour website from a pre-purchased Wordpress theme Create a user friendly Website with Inventory control and Drop Shipping - Create a user panel for League of legends account boosting -- 2 Create a User Profile Page - Create a vacation video Create a vacation video - Repost - Create a VBA / Microsoft Office application to query a SQL database and populate a Word template Create a VBA code on excel - create a vector file Create a Vector file and web SVG from PSD logo - Create a Vector graphic file of a jpeg master Create a vector graphic for cutting plotter - Create a vector logo from image Create a vector logo from Photoshop PSD - Create a vector Whistler map Create a vector-based PDF file from my InDesign file for business cards - Create a version of website with PHP on server side Create a vertical menu plugin - Create a Very Simple 2 Page website Create a very simple 2d game - Create a very simple iOS to-do-list app Create a very simple iPad application for reaction time and accuracy - Create a very simple single page website and show a google map with some POIs