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Create an Animation/ Intro (Youtube) - Create an Animestyle Corporate Design with optional Animation Create an Animme iation - Create an Api for a site Create an API for a Table - Create An API to connect to OVH and assign IP to a server Create an API to integrate with third party PaaS software. - Create an App Create an App - create an app create an app - create an app - repost Create an App -- 2 - Create an APP for a DRONE Create an App for a Gifting Site - create an app for audio capture REPOST Create an app for both Android and iPhone - Create an App for Ios/Android Create an App for iPad / iPhone / Android - Create an app for my barber shop Create an APP for my business - create an app for woocommerce with xamarin for ios create an app for woocommerce with xcode - Create an app like RetailMeNot (Android) Create An App Like Shazam But For Trailers - create an app pascal for airline company Create an app preview video and a set of screenshots for AppStore - Create an App that is user friendly and simple. Create an app that is very similar to Kidizen - Create an app to generate some basic legal documents in pdf format for smartphones and tablets(repost) Create an app to integrate our website with eBay (and/or Amazon) stores - Create an App with a game Create an app with coldfusion - Create an Applet Create an Applet - repost - create an application for FACEBOOK. Create an application for handyman and customers - Create an application form /Widget for Muse Create an Application Form for Jobs Section for a current in Wordpress Website - Create an application to accomplish the task below - open to bidding Create an application to accomplish the task below - open to bidding -- 2 - Create an Appointment Booking Website and Mobile Application Create an Appointment maker for website. - Create an ARABIC white Board Animation Video Create an Arabic wordlist by visiting websites - Create an article website Create an articulate storyline project based on design and content - Create an ASP.NET wizard with abilities to repeat a step many times as desired by user(repost) create an aspx and .cs page in using sqlserver - Create an attractive website mock up in PSD. It will have 6 different pages. Create an Attractive, Branded Powerpoint Slideshow - Create an audiojungle for logo reveal like an example Create an Augmented Reality Android App with an Animated 3D Model and Synced Sound - Create an auto checkout program for adidas, nike, supreme, east bay, footlocker, etc Create an auto complete form - create an AUTOCAD drawing Create an autocad drawing by importing data from an Excel file - Create an automated order system which i can intigrate into my website Create an Automated Process Between Two Plugins in Wordpress - Create an Automotive Lead Generation Website Create an Automotive listing page - Create an AWEBER blog broadcast theme based on web site Create an AWEBER blog broadcast theme based on web site(repost) - Create an Bird 3d model with animation for use unity3d Create an blog engine for ruby on rails - Create an Character Create an Character Animation - Create an Custom Animation Create an custom animation with Javascript and CSS controlable by AJAX - Create an E-Book for Amazon Publishing Create an e-book from teleclasses - Create an e-commerce website design Create an e-commerce website on opencart - Create an e-reader site Create an e-shop at - Create an easy exit popup Create an easy Flex+PHP Social Network from an existing Site (with My SQL DB and PHP code) - Create an Ebay Listing Templete Create an Ebay page - Create an Ebay Template from our Website Design CREATE AN EBAY TEMPLATE WITH PRESTASHOP - urgent - Create an eBook cover for a childrens book Create an ebook cover for me - Create an ecommerce platform Create an eCommerce Platform Custom with PHP Native - Create an ecommerce website on magento Create an eCommerce website with CMS - create an editable timeline template create an editable word document using our company letterhead - Create an elastic mesh for unity to use on a catapult Create An eLearning Course (Adobe Captivate 9) - Create an Email Advertisement for Marketing CREATE AN EMAIL ADVERTISING - Create an email list of all christian churches and leaders in the US Create an Email list of farms in Australia 002 - Create an email order form that auto-embed the pop-up image. create an email page with my logo and art work as back gound - Create an Email Template / Landing Page for company targeting research scientists Create an email template and content - Create an emotive 2-3 min high def Video to Capture people’s hearts of a people, a place and a purpose & to inspire them to Pray Create an Employability Porfolio - Create an entertainment website create an entertainment website on word press with ready made theme with some modification ! - Create an erotic theme Wordpress create an erp module - Create an event form by country / language Create an event Game Application - IDEAS needed - Create an example service agreement for my company create an example VS.NET 2010 Console Project to consume Nutshell SOAP API - Create an excel file from cashier's receipts Create an excel file of all primary and secondairy schools in all english speaking countries - Create an Excel macro / script - 2 Create an Excel Macro and Generate an Output File - Create an Excel Reporting Workbook Create an Excel Review template - Create an excel spreadsheet (product inventory) Create an Excel spreadsheet childcare roster that will automatically populate rooms & transitions - Create an excel spreadsheet from 1200 contacts Create an excel spreadsheet from 1200 contacts - Create an excel tracking tool and dashboard that works with a PDF form Create an Excel Training Manual - create an exe Create an EXE File - Create an Explainer Animation Create an explainer Animation - Create an explainer Video Create an explainer video - Create an Explainer Video for a Startup Create an Explainer Video for a startup - Create an explainer video with voice support create an explainer video. I provide the script and images. You improvise. - Create an extension to deal with estimated delivery times Create an extension to existing Wordpress plugin - create an faq page like Create an Fashion Online Store - Create an GIF and MP4 Create an GIF Animation - create an html change monitor Create an html code for a link - Create an HTML form from Word Document Create an HTML form that populates a Google Sheet - Create an HTML page from PSD create an html page with existing styles js - Create an HTML5 Ad Banner Create an HTML5 animated app from supplied assets - Create an HTML5 version of existing "site generator" Create an html5 video using an mp4 clip plus adding some fading in text - Create an icon for android APP Create an Icon for Chat - Create an Identity website for a New Company
Create an IDX to be used in Real Estate sites - Create an illustration (SVG ideally) of the human body (head to toe) create an illustration - ongoing work - Create an Illustrator file with kiss cut layer Create an illustrator vector version of some line art. - create an image collage plugin for my multi-user wordpress site Create an image editor plugin - Create an image of a banner similar to the sample provided. Create a logo based on the description. -- 2 Create an image of a Bottle with the provided Label artwork that i provide. (18 labels) - Create an impressive Brand Name and Logo for a new E-commerce Create an Impressive Digital Web Design Agency Website - Create an indicator based on fast MA Create an indicator to alert/ show "steps" of bars (pictured) - Create an infographic based on my data Create an Infographic based on web design information - Create an Inforgraphic create an inforgraphic - Create an insert for a local wedding gown store create an inside page design for a website - Create an installation of MediaCore CMS Create an installation of MediaCore CMS - Create an instruction manual in two languages Create An Instruction manual on how to perform the tasks - Create an integration between and client's application Create an Integration Module - Create an interactive galaxy map for a game Create an Interactive Game - Create an interactive picture with less/sass/scss on a wordpress website Create an interactive plugin for WordPress hosted site - Create an interesting 15sec video intro Create an interesting, clean, simple logo for a web software consultancy - Create an Into & Extro to Instructional Video create an into to our monthly videos - Create an Intro for my Rust gaming series (youtube) (MP4) Create an intro for my videos - Create an intro video for my youtube channel Create an Intro Video for my Youtube channel VeganGaymer - Create an Introductory Video (Promotional / Advertisement / Documentary) Create an introductory video for a crowdfunding campaign - Create an invoicing PHP website using mysql Create an invoicing, calendar, credit management software - Create an iOS and Android Game Create an iOS and Android game with PhoneGap - Create an IOS Application Create an IOS application - create an Ios, android and windows application Create an iOS, Android application - Create an ipad/android application for a real estate project Create an ipad/iphone app and android app for my website and submit it to Appstore and GooglePlay market - Create an iPhone and Android app like Zillow Create an iPhone and Android Application - Create an iPhone app Create an iPhone app - Create an Iphone app for on demand service Create an Iphone App for Pizza Online Order - Create an iPhone application Create an iPhone application - create an iPhone application for app store. create an iPhone application for app store. -- 2 - Create an iPhone game Create an iphone game /application - Create an iPhone/Android Game Application Create an Iphone/Android app - Create an Islamic website design (in layered PSD) Create an isometric illustrations system - Create an License and update Api for software Create an list on every business in Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex - Create An Logo reveal animation video Create an logo/image to lead the brand identity of an (internal) Business Architecture Practice - Create an mobile app that enables a moderator at a centralized location to ask questions and receive answers from subscribers to the app, creating a " mobile" focus study Create an Mobile Application - Create an MS Access query in a database that will be used as an eBay FileExchange Data Feed Create an MS Access Switchboard that lets user select Area->Equip->Print Form - Create an new Pagetype in an existing WP Theme Create an new side menu & featured/bestseller section - Create an offline version of a Google Form in Excel Create an offline version of a Google Form in Excel - Create an online auction Create an online auction - Create an Online Casino Create an online casino website - Create an online database for Unity 3D Game Create an online database in a WordPress website to manage memberships - create an online form (apllication form) create an online form (apllication form) -- 2 - Create an Online LMS Create an online loan decision management tool - Create an online peer-to-peer marketplace create an online photography template maker - Create an online ROI Calculator for my website Create an online Roulette similar to - Create an online store Create an online store - Create an Online Store in Joomla with 3D Showroom Create an Online Store on a Facebook Fan Page - Create an Online Uniform Designer for my website Create an online user manual - create an oparating system create an oparating system -- 2 - Create an Opencart Theme from Photoshop PSD's using Bootstrap. -- 2 Create an Opencart website from PSD (Budget not defined) - Create an optimized class in c++ to maintain and consolidate tables. Create an optimized SVG file from a simple vector logo - create an order taking program and integrate it with our wordpress site. Create an Orderable Mobile Website For Restaurant - Create an Oscommerce Newsletter module with extra features Create an oscommerce payment module for - Create an Oxwall plugin create an p2p micro job marketplace website. - Create an Python Server and Android App Client Create an R Script to Generate a Specific Type of Bar Graph - Create an RSS feed from my DB Create an RSS feed from my DB - Create an short Animation Create an SHORT Animation / Whiteboard - Create an Soccer manager app For android and iOS Create an Social Network App - Create an Store Online Create an storyboard - create an Ubuntu virtual appliance and set up Pydio create an ubuntu/debian package for existing software - Create an update feature for wp theme Create an update form for SQL & Wordpress - Create an Video Animation Create an video Animation - Create an website for my subscription box Create an website similar to: - Create an wordpress template Create an wordpress website using avada theme - Create an XSLT that will transform tabular data into a defined XML format Create an xslt transform that will generate an html layout from an existing xml template. - Create and Add content to my Empty Wordpress based website Create and add custom music to indigenous vocal - Create and animate a 2 minute product sizzle reel Create and animate a camera path in 3DSmax - Create and Automatized Daily Work Reports Program Create and backup files transfer - Create and coding 100 landing pages as requirement per month. Create and coding Landing pages as per requirement 100 pages per month. - Create and copy a website Create and Copy an Android application with some modifications - Create and Design a efficient real estate website Create and Design a Facebook business and twitter page - Create and design a website (phase 1 of 3) with a blogging (wordpress or blogger) platform Create and design a website - repost - create and design blog and news website (feeds, advertising) Create and design company's magazine - Create and design Flyer