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Create basic Wordpress theme - repost 2 - Create beat sounds for mobile app Create Beats for 5 Tracks - create best logo. Create best marketplace website - Create Big Commerce Inventory from an Amazon Listing Create Big Commerce Listings - Create binary options strategy with given indicator with maximum level 3 martingale Create binary options strategy with given indicator with maximum level 3 martingale -- 2 - Create Bitcoin, Buy/ Sell link with API - Design = simple but neat looking.. some style needed create Bitmap object (System.Drawing) from Surface object (SharpDX) - CREATE BLOCKCHAIN BITCOIN ADDRESS CREATE BLOCKCHAIN BITCOIN ADDRESS - Create blog content for 2 of my eal estate websites Create Blog Design in PSD Format for Sanjay2004 - Create blog post with creative commons music Create Blog Posts - Create blog using thesis theme Create Blog using Twitter feeds - Create blogs Create blogs - create book create book club on existing website - create booking form for wordpress site -- Create booking forms, update web design, make css work - Create Bootstrap 3.x Theme Create Bootstrap 3.x Theme -- 2 - Create bot for Facebook Messenger that helps user order pizza Create bot for google and Bing - create box design and 3d render Create Box Design For Baby Product - Create Brand Identity - Logo, Packaging Design for haircare product. Create Brand Identity for the upcoming Food Truck - Create branding Design for chocolate cafe and restaurant Create branding Design for chocolate cafe and restaurant - create brochure create brochure - Create brochure WE project 2016 Create Brochure website - Create Buddypress Custom Plugin, Install other buddy-press plugins and complete the site Create Buddypress custom profile tab - Create Bulk SEO tools for website (Bulk PR/Alexa/Index checker etc) Create Bulk SMS Marketing Software - create business card + 3 flyers create business card + 3 flyers b - Create Business Cards from existing design Create Business Cards in Illustrator/PhotoShop - Create business leads Create Business Listing Citations - Create Business Plan for Technology Company Create Business Plan. - Create Button Images Create button in Google sheet to have a macro to perform action to archive data and reset spreadsheet for new day - Create buzz in Dallas Texas Area for Shoes Create Buzzfeed Like Website - Create C# or class to print label on Brother ql 700 printer Create C# program for data entry and search to existing SQL Server DB - Create C++ questions Create C++ Solar System - Create CAD file for clothing and help me source! Create CAD File for Jewellery Item, Rhino - Create calculation web form Create calculation web form of WordPress - Create Camera 2 App with Google Vision Create Campaign in Your Own Adwords - Create caption, graphic design, and background music for video Create Caption/Subtitle/Transcription File for my YouTube Videos - Create Caricature Character with photoshop Create caricature for football website - Create cartoon character for kids fitness company! Create Cartoon Character logo - Create cartoon video, 30-45 seconds, from storyboard Create cartoonish vector graphics - Create Catalog Create catalog - for iserve only - Create Categories and add our Images To Google's HTML5 Google TV Template Create Categories and Import All Classifieds Ads from another Website and setup pricing plans - Create Category Thumbnails for website Create CATIA dimensioned drawings from solid models - Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone - Create Character for POSER Create character for program - Create chart in Excel -- 2 Create Chart in Google Doc - create chat flooder Create chat funtion to exsisting app - Create checks drafts with embedded MICR fonts using Java and iTextPDF Create cheese Brand logo - CREATE CHILDREN'S FITNESS POSTER SIMILAR TO ATTACHED POSTER Create Children's Food Packaging - Create chrome extension by small modifiying existing JS function (adding friends to FB group) Create Chrome extension for forwarding json messages - Create Circuit -- 2 Create Circuit Diagram based on Visio-Sketch - Create Classified ads New Site Create Classified ads New Site - Create clean symmetrical vector image of broken infinity loop Create clean time-lapse movie from still images - Create Client Centre Create Client Checklist in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL - Create Clone of Create Clone of Microsoft Point of Sale in MS Access - Create cloud code and objective c code for a downloading project Create cloud formation file for a custom multisite wordpress cluster - Create CMS in order to update our website Create CMS Memorial Website in PHP - Create code for "ajaxy" text links Create Code for eBay Advertisements - Create code to extract text and symbols from picture Create code to insert logged in user id into all URLs in Joomla web site - Create collapse/expand list for 5 documents on website Create collapsible Divs in unbounce - Create Colour Chart - ongoing work -- 2 Create colour Management videos for printing - create commercial video Create Commercial Video with life scenes and 3D scenes - Create company index website Create company information - Create company logo Create company logo & business card - Create company name logo - Create company name, design logo & name card - Create company tag line Create Company Video - Create compelling homepage for subscription website. Create Compelling Product Descriptions that Sell - Create Complety Website (for Nycky) Create complex A.I.integrate as fighting bot - Create CompTIA Security+ Blog Articles Create Comptuer Media Player - Create Conference Advertising Brochure Create Conferences Store Site - Create Construct 2 cross platform childrens game/app Create Construct 2 Facebook Plugin - Create Contact form layouts for Website Create Contact Form on DNN - Create contact page and fix mobile look Create contact php form for website - Create content for slide presentation in HR space Create content for a blog - Create Content for Website & Consistent Branding Create content for website (two pages) - Create Content Through Our Joomla Template Create content to add to my consumer review website to monetize affiliate offers - Create cookie and flash check
Create cookie in java to be used to track analytics on Ning - Create Copy of the Website Create copy of this webpage - EASY facebook related - Create corporate document within 24 hours Create Corporate Identity - Create corporate videos for software products Create Corporate website - Create Course Description Pages Create course in articulate storyline - Create covers for 5 ebooks Create covers for erotic eBooks - Create crawler to download everything from site... Create Crawlere - Create CRM backend for existing website. Create CRM in Code Igniter - Create cross mobile platform application Create Cross platform App - create cryptocurrency -- 2 create crypytocurrency - Create CSS Animation of SVG image Create CSS based themes for a exisiting webapplication - Create CSS HTML EMAIL Create CSS HTML page based on PDF file - Create CSS Template For Client Facing Pages Create CSS template from PSD file - Create CSS/HTML for Table (beehive) Create CSS/HTML for Wordpress Template - Create csv file from quickbooks 2011 sales order Create CSV file from SQL data. - Create CSV of Twitter followers AND scan for bots Create CSV of Twitter followers AND scan for bots - Create custom 404 error page Create custom 404 page - create custom avatar Create custom background images (150 images) - Create Custom Checkout Page using Payflow Gateway Create Custom Child theme Per Reference Site Urgent Wordpress Expert only. - Create Custom Data Analysis Report from Excel Data Create Custom Data Analysis Report from Excel Data - Create custom Excel spreadsheet to calculate pricing and costs Create custom Excel spreadsheet to calculate pricing and costs - Create Custom Font Create Custom Font 201611 - Create custom graphic of digital globe Create custom graphic of digital globe - repost - Create custom image placeholder for wordpress page Create custom image wallpaper using my pictures ( Extremely HQ ) - Create custom Joomla component/plugin Create custom Joomla template - Create custom logo starting from example Create custom LOOP on Wordpress - Create custom module for Mobile App Create custom module for Prestashop - Create custom page in wordpress + small fixes Create Custom Page in wordpress with specific contents from Database (woocommerce) - create custom php, css, javascript 2 pages Create custom PHP/jquery app - Create custom Prestashop module for my website Create custom pricing on Drupal e-commerce site - Create custom Restful API Webservice with Laravel for an existing php script Create custom resume - Create custom shopify form Create custom shopify template - create custom square posters based on existing design Create custom stationary for windows live mail - Create Custom Titles and Ads - Great English a MUST Create Custom Titles and Ads - repost - Create custom website Create custom website - Create custom wordpress blog Create custom wordpress blog - Create Custom Wordpress Template Create Custom Wordpress Template - Create Custom Wp Admin Theme Create Custom WP Plugin - Create customer portal for photographer website Create Customer Profile Page (WHMCS) - Create customized filter for woocommerce custome category page Create customized Form/Formula to connect two spreadsheets - Create custon mod security rule Create cut-down / customized Ubuntu-based distro - Create Daily deals website Create Daily Fantasy Sports Permutation Algorithm - Create Dashboard Widgets from MAGENTO Create Dashboard, Client Portal, Connect to Existing API - create data feed for my website . xml file Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant - Create Data Set (a table in Excel) from PDF files Create Data sheet search - create database create database - Create database and PHP for a travel site(repost) Create database and registration form for website - Create Database for iOS application Create Database for my mobile app (iOS/Android) - Create database of 2,116 companies' email addresses Create database of 3 fields in CSV or MySQL format - Create database of IT startup firms located in Taiwan Create database of key websites & contact info for 3 GCC countires - Create Database to Capture Form Data Create Database to Keep track of Quoting Data - Create Datadase with Java - Repost - open to bidding Create datafeed for Apparel Website - Create dating script for new website Create Dating site - Create ddbb MySQL, Develop PHP control panel and connect with HTML pages created by us Create de Widget o plugin - Create Delphi Class and small demo program Create Delphi Database Form based on Word Document - Create demo software to use Remote Phone Call SDK with C++ Builder 6 Create demo to do FFT on audio - Create design Create design - create design for a website create design for a website(repost) - Create design for web site create design for web site - create design theme ready to be converted in wordpress Create design using the Wordpress Durus Theme - Create help desk content Create Help Desk technical content - Create detailed media lists Create Detailed Product Descriptions - Using The Provided Excel Template. Good English/Grammer/ComputerSkills - Create DFX files based on existing design Create DFX files based on existing design - Repost - create dicussions in a forum create die cut shapes in pdf using php - create digg like website create digital story (movies) - Create Digital Signage Templates in Signage Studio program Create Digital Signature - Create Directory Of Local Businesses under certain categories - repost Create Directory Of Local Businesses under certain categories - repost 2 - Create display stand to showcase small bags of candy Create dissectors for wireshark - Create dll same as other dll. Create dll to interpret and create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or .. (prototype and example available, easy implementation) - Create docker container for my RoR project Create Docker Containers Ready for Deployment - create documents from PDFs - Repost - open to bidding create documents from samples - Create Donation Form Linked to Database Create donation interface for a charity's website (WordPress) - Create double-database PrestaShop or OpenCart Create doughnut shaped UI - Create Draggable Card In JavaScript from JSON