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Create CSS Slideout Menu - Create CSS web design Create CSS Website from PNG - Create CSV file for a Shopify gr0cery store Create CSV file for Amazon bulk listing, copy products from Ebay store - Create CSV from PDF and add additional location fields Create CSV from Sportsdirect - Create custom "Author" for each WordPress Post -- 2 Create custom .css for page(s), as well as a purchase order template .aspx used for printing - Create Custom App on Shopify to Sync 2 Store Inventories Create Custom Apparel Catalog - Create custom catagorization engine for stories Create custom Category page template to resemble "home" page layout - Create Custom Cordova Plugin Create Custom COver Page Template in MS Word - Create custom eBay HTML template for OpenBay PRO/Opencart Listing Integration Create custom eBay HTML template for OpenBay PRO/Opencart Listing Integration - Create Custom Fields in Joomla & Photo Upload (C.R.U.D) Create custom filed for breadcrumb for listify theme - Create Custom FTP Multisite CMS on Code Igniter create custom fuction on my website - Create Custom HTML Order Form Create Custom HTML Output From RSS Feed - Create custom input template for Mantis bug tracker (PHP) Create Custom Insert - Create Custom Lead Management System- URGENT Create custom lightbox - Create custom management restaurant space with custom module - Jreview composant Create custom map of North America with 175 markers using approx 15 custom icons (each custom icon represents a company) and legend to match... - Create Custom Mycred Payment Gateway for Audiotel Create Custom Myspace - create custom pdf forms Create Custom PDF Invoice Design for Prestashop - Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Today. Create custom pop up for wordpress site - Create custom QR code Create custom quote form - Create custom running routes and GPS running log files Create Custom Safe Work Method Statements - Create custom single product template? (WooCommerce) Create Custom Single SignOn Buttons In SVG Format and Social Media Link Icons in SVG Format - Create Custom SugarCRM buttons in Leads Module Create custom SWF file and place it on the existing website - Create custom user interface for android Create custom validator for page - Create Custom WebView - Android Create custom welcome page based on an existing wordpress theme - Create custom Wordpress installation Process Create custom wordpress left sidebar - Create custom wordpress template based on PSD and migrate / upload all old content Create Custom Wordpress Template From Existing Simple Site - Create Custom XML feed for Jooble Create custom XSLTs for a Sharepoint online site - Create Customer T-SQL script to load csv data to opencart e-commerce DB CREATE CUSTOMER TOKEN IN WHMCS ADMIN - Create Customized Forums for a Website Create customized images upload script - Create custon mod security rule Create cut scene movie - fantasy - for my project - Create Daily Deal / Group buy Website. Create daily deal on magento website. - Create Dashboard plugin to GLPI's MySQL DB Create dashboard to display info from API using OAuth - Create Data Feed
Create data feed - Create data push from Postgres/Ruby to SQL Server/C# Create Data Query for vBulletin MySQL - create database create database - create database and find phone numbers create database and find phone numbers - Repost - Create database for already created form in php or html CREATE Database for Amazon Upload - Create database in Excel from html pages Create database in filemaker - Create database of emails Create database of emails - open to bidding - Create Database specification for managing data for small construction company Create Database Specification Sheets - Create Database, script to import text files on a daily basis Create database-driven AJAX enabled thumbnail viewer/filmstrip ASP.NET custom control - Create Datawarehouse (DW) / BI using SQL Server Create Date site. - Create DB in SQL Server create db install script - create debt calculator Create debt collection software for a company - Create Demo App Android Wikitude - repost 3 Create Demo App for Furmanite - Create deployment flow Create deployment flow -- 2 - Create Design and Manage Facebook Ads Create design and pictures for my homepage - Create design for college software Create Design for company portfolio and company policy docs - Create Design for Website -Photoshop create design for website based on two templates - Create design using the Wordpress Durus Theme Create design, and implement design on existing site - - Create help desk content Create Help Desk technical content - Create detailed HTML forms Create detailed illustartions of human body organs and Systems - Create DFD Diagrams from Scenario Create DFD's - create dictionary brute force attack in VBA Create Dictionary Desktop Application - Create different videos with Talented Animator wanted. Create Digg Accounts And Digg A Specified Post - CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS FILES FOR MY WEBSITE Create Digital Scrapbooks - Create Directory Harvester Create directory in MS Access 2010 - Create display advertisements Create Display Banners - Create DLL function to control dial up modem usting Hays AT commands Create Dll Library for Search URL Google Chrome with SharpPcap browser - Create Do a little Twek on WordPress Template Create Do follow 100 Links from DA50 + and TA 50+ sites - create documents create documents - Create dome shape from flat part to match an existing shape Create Donate Functionality for Drupal - Create double sided thank you notes Create Double Verified PVA Accounts Youtube! - CREATE DRAG AND DROP WORK-SPACE & QUOTE FEATURE FOR WEBSITE. Create Draggable Card In JavaScript from JSON - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD -- 2 - Create drop down with links that stay as links once choosen from drop down list. Create drop menu on navigation link per attached document specifications - Create Drupal base & subtheme from existing site Create Drupal Booking System - Create Drupal Template, Based on Existing Site(repost) Create drupal template/website - Create drupal work task management platform Create drupal work task management platform - Create duplicate site Create Duplicate site / Clone - Create DXF File from Drawing Create DXF files from images - Create Dynamic Form to submit customer info on webpage Create dynamic form with multiple integrations - create dynamic PDF based reports Create dynamic PDF documents from images in Wordpress - Create Dynamic Stamp for Adobe Acrobat Create Dynamic Stamp for use in Adobe Pro - CREATE DYNAMIC WEBSITE WITH SEO & ADSENSE 10-20 USD PER DAY Create Dynamic Website With Store And Blogs - Create E-Book from hard copy book Create E-book Template Using Adobe InDesign - Create E-commerce website Create e-commerce website - Create E-mail List Using Web Searches Create e-mail marketing Template for my game. - Create EA from indicator to Mt4 metatrader create ea mt4 robot - create easy script create easy scriptt - create eBay item template (Html+JS+CSS) Create Ebay Listing - create Ebay M2E compatible Template Create eBay Page from Amazon page easily - Create ebay store page listing template CREATE Ebay Store SLIDESHOW - create ebook Create eBook & Video CD Cover - Create Ebook from Indesign Create EBook From Indesign File - Create eBrochure book from loose PDFs Create EC website in Japanese (no need for translation) - Create eCommerce site based on interspire create ecommerce site in Wordpress - Create ecommerce website with Content Management System(repost) Create ecommerce website with Content Management System(repost)(repost) - Create editable checking account statement Create Editable Documents from Scanned Documents - Create Editable PDF Form in Adobe XPro Create Editable PDF forms - create EDM/Trap Beat create EDM/Trap Beat -- 2 - Create effective email copy Ad for Backup Service. Create Effective Facebook Ads - Create Electrical Drawings for Kiosk Create electrical estimating tool using PHP & MySQL - create email accounts Create email & account and vote indicated profiles each day - Create email address and vote a project Create email address at main ISP en European countries - Create email database from members website Create email database of Indian Hotels - Create Email List Create Email List - Create Email Marketing Templates for Web Host Create Email Marketing Templates in MailChimp - create email signature Create email signature for Mac Mail and Outlook - Create email template in HTML - Required to be worked on immediately. Short deadline. Create email template responsive - create embedded pages rails Create embedded player - Create employment page of website using provided template and iframe content -- 2 Create empty phonegap IOS project - Create English and Chinese version of existing website Create English and French Site map - Create Entertainment/Game System Create enticing words - Create epup3- and mobi-files out of pdf or Indesign for ebook-readers Create Equalizer Video - CREATE ESRI WORKSPACE Create essay notes for the short story: Mount Pleasant - create ethnic pattern