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develop an ASP.NET based store with integrations to 2 or 3 libraries for additional features - Develop an automated program to crawl website for information Develop an automated program to crawl website for information -- 2 - Develop an E-commerce Content Sharing Platform Develop an E-commerce Site for Small Bookstore - develop an easy website- easy money Develop an eBay App to implement Feedback into listings - Develop an educational application based on a children's storybook Develop an Educational Desktop Application - Develop an Email Template --- Must complete today Develop an Email Template for use with Constant Contact - Develop an escort website Develop an escort website in joomla 1.7 - Develop an exciting website (Develop + redesign + add features + add pages) see attachment. Develop an Executive Corporate Identity - Develop an Expert Advisor (EA) like what is found in MetaStocks to interpret technical market indicator - open to bidding Develop an explainer Video - Develop an i-pad/i-phone (IOS) Application Develop an I-watch application - develop an impressive multimedia presentation for international partner develop an in house programme to send volume smses - Develop an Installshield setup with Mysql server and connector installer Develop an Instant Messaging and integrate it with my Community Portal - Develop an interactive Marketing App Develop an interactive math test problems - Develop an interpreter Develop an interstitial/admob banner - develop an IOS and Andriod app Develop an IOS and Android app - Develop an iOS App for a start-up (equity pay) Develop an iOS App for an existing android app - Develop an iOS Application Develop an iOS Application - Develop an IOS Mobile and Tablet Application Develop an iOS Mobile App - Develop an IOS/Android Application for psychology research Develop an IOS/Android Game - Develop an iPhone & Android app Develop an Iphone & Android APP - Develop an iPhone and Android application (Quiz Game) Develop an iPhone and Android Game - Develop an iPhone app Develop an iphone app - Develop an iPhone Application Develop an iPhone Application - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone game Develop an iPhone game - Develop an iPhone/Ipad application Develop an iPhone/iPad application utilizing the camera. - Develop an Mobile App" & add skills Android, Iphone, Mobile App, Titanium Appcelarator, and Website Develop an Mobile Application - Develop an Olympics themed Mobile Game Develop an on screen keyboard solution for our iPads - Develop an online course for us (Video tutorials) Develop an online course for us (Video tutorials) - Develop an Online Marketing Plan for Develop an online marketplace - Develop an Online Store for Fitness Accessories Brand Develop an online store like eBay - Develop an OpenFL Ad-Extension for BlackBerry Develop an Operating System (Open-source) - Develop an Question and Answer App Develop an RC6 Java implemenation - Develop an SSB based on Firefox or Chrome engine. Develop an SSB based on Firefox or Chrome engine. - repost - Develop Analytics Platform Develop Analytics Platform - repost - Develop and app for the iPhone and Andriod phone Develop and App of the android and iphone market - Develop and create an App and software along with the brand and website for the concept. develop and create application using spring mvc - Develop and Design a Simple iPhone Application Develop and Design a Simple iPhone Application -- 2 - Develop and Design Corporate Identity for New Company Develop and design digital and collateral materials for independent consultant; assist with copy development - develop and design website for flight cancellation. Develop and design website selling costumes online - Develop and extend an existing website Develop and extend an User Interface by use of shortcuts and menu - develop and implement salesforce -- 3 develop and implement salesforce -- 4 - develop and Integrate social Network Login in Magento Project Develop and integrate Soft phone (SIP, VOIP ) for mutliple platforms - Develop and Maintain Software Develop and maintain Software - Develop and Ngram Tool Develop and ongoing support of software systems for US based client - Develop and Sell Something for me. Develop and SEO Lead Generation Website - Develop and Write a Recruitment Questionnaire for Hiring of Virtual Assistants Develop and Write a Technical report in java SE and Mysql. - Develop Android and iOS App Develop Android and iOS app - Develop Android and Mac Application Develop Android and PHP log in system for taxicab app - Develop android app develop android app - Develop android app for location search app Develop Android App for Mobile Distributor - Develop Android App which pulls data from mobilesite Develop Android App Widget with AOD (Easy $$$) - develop Android application develop android application - Develop Android Application with SQL Google Cloud Develop android Application with using webservices - develop android game from this swf game Develop Android game using specified engine - Develop Android version of existing iOS app Develop android version of existing IOS app. - Develop angularJS front end application develop Animal/Raptile community forum and personal stores - Develop API for mobile apps Develop API for My Magento site - Develop App Develop app - develop APP for android and ios and also develop website Develop App for Android and Iphone - Develop APP for iPhone, Blackberry, Android Develop app for maintenance program for product - Develop App Or Chrome Extension for Automating Kijiji Ad Reposting - Repost Develop App Or Chrome Extension for Automating Kijiji Ad Reposting - Repost - open to bidding - Develop Apple iOS app for radio station and slight upgrade to Android App Develop Apple Watch App - Develop Application for Smartphones Develop Application for Smartphones - Miayuco - Develop Appointment System For Existing Java Project Develop Apps - Develop Architectural Drawing Package from Concept drawings Develop Architectural Drawing Package from Concept drawings - Develop website for Alumni Management System Develop ASP.NET website from existing UI design and content - Develop automated algorithmic forex trading system using REST API/Java Develop automated plugin for WP (grab data from blogs, then post) - Develop back end for a website, Front end is already designed Develop back-end for a Custom Web Application - Develop Banner Poster Develop Banners and Recruit Affiliates - Develop basic WinAPI drawing capability using Visual Basic DEVELOP BB 10 PROJECT - Develop blackberry radio application Develop blackberry version of existing android app - Develop brand kit for start-up healthcare firm (MoveAgain) Develop Brand Name and Marketing Strategy - Develop BTC trading platform Develop buck boost converter with design calculations - Develop Business Plan & Executive Summary Develop Business Plan for Photography, Videography and Audio Business - Develop C# functions to create/read Flash cookies (local shared objects)
Develop C# Modules for Image Crop, SSH, FTP and Mysql - Develop call center reporting tool for Asterisk 11 and 13 Develop Call Shop software for voipswitch - develop casual mobile games Develop Catalog application for iOS - Develop Chatbot Develop Chatbot(repost) - Develop Chromium Applications Develop Chromium Applications for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS - Develop cloud server to store and categorize files/content/data Develop CMS (admin) and help update website - Develop code to use web API Develop code with API intergration - Develop company brand image Develop company brand image - open to bidding - Develop Complete Magento Website Develop Complete Magento Website - Develop construction drawings Develop Construction Site - Develop Cool iPhone Game Like Words With Friends Develop Cool Logo's - Develop corporate identity manual Develop Corporate Identity, Logo, website - develop creative ideas through the digital world develop creative ideas through the digital world - open to bidding - Develop Crystal Reports Develop crystal reports on SABA LMS - Develop custom bidding/auction system using in webpage - repost Develop custom bidding/auction system using in webpage. - Develop Custom Google Sheet Dashboard using Google Sheet API and Twitter API Develop custom GUI - Develop custom Prestashop extension for Community Edition Develop Custom Real Estate Admin Panel (CMS) And Front End Site - Develop custom website on bootstrap using php/mysql/google map api Develop Custom Website using Word Press and Flash - DEVELOP CUSTOMISED PROJECTS Develop Customized Android application - Develop Data Storage Transformation Report Develop data structure that represents an Othello board - Develop databases for mobile game for Android and iOS develop databases synchronization program - Develop demo of gaming portal website Develop demo screens for iPhone IDEAS app - Develop Desktop EPOS Application (Must have a portfolio/Experience) develop desktop KPI app. 4 government education - Develop DIY Javascript Image Editor Develop Django REST backend services - Develop drawing 2d polygon with unity3d - repost Develop DriverUpdater Software with C# - Develop Dynamic Model Plaform Develop Dynamic Network Charts - develop e-course/e-book in Managing Projects develop e-go courier module for prestashop - Develop easy algorithms in Java Develop easy algorithms with java - Develop Ecommerce Functionality Develop eCommerce Gift Card store - Develop Education Courseware for Kids and students Develop Education Courseware for Kids and students - Develop Email Client, Windows Desktop Application Develop Email Drip System for Website - Develop Embedded code Develop embedded Linux software for alarm system - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop English test -- 2 Develop enhacements with AngularJS on Frontend - Develop ethernet communication code using C to go in TI's MSP430F5638 processor with SPI to Ethernet controller ENC28J60T-I/SS Develop Ethernet-868Mhz bridge: PIC18F67J60; MRF89XAM; MBUS. - Develop exisiting java search software to make use of proxy servers Develop Exisiting Online Comparison Portal - Develop existing website with PHP, hosted on embedded system Develop existing website with more complicated features - Develop Extension Shipping group for Opencart Develop extension/plugin that enhances\'s existing feature set. - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - develop facebook page TracisBeautyStop - open to bidding Develop Facebook Page, That will Pull 20 products from my Ms sql database and display on my Facebook page. Refer to description for more details - Develop Features for a Cryptocurrency Wallet/Client develop features for a website ruby on rails - develop final production design of a Notebook/Laptop computer range from a basic design Develop Finance Calculators - Develop fitness app for iOS and Android Develop fitness training platform w/ calendar and payment - Develop Flash Game, with multiplier sessions Develop Flash Games - develop flowchart and Activity Cycle Diagrams with detailed explanations Develop FM Radio online - Develop Forms Application Using C#/.Net develop forms for car sales website. Search and find. parsing etc.. - Develop from end to end an Android & IOS Application Develop From PSD to website - Develop frontend of an admin website Develop frontend of website - Develop functionalities and improve performance. Develop functionality on a Justtide M3000 POS device - Develop Game in iOS Develop game in Unity - Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources -- 2 Develop generic USB webcam driver for Android 2.2 (Froyo). - Develop Google Play API develop google play aso software - Develop GUI for android App develop GUI for existing test cases - Develop Hebrew WPF software with 2 other people. develop hello kitty apps for ios and andriod system-2 - Develop hotel booking function using GTA xml API Develop hotel booking function using GTA xml API - repost - Develop HTML from Photoshop Develop html guy - Develop HTTP POST web-service Develop Human Resource Management System - Develop IM application Develop IM application on windows software - Develop In-Tray Test Develop Indicator/Expert Advisor for latest MT4 build version - Develop interactive advent calendar on website Develop Interactive animated world map design webpage on magento. - Develop Internet FILTER -- Net Nanny Clone -- Filter Porn Develop Internet FILTER -- Net Nanny Clone -- Filter Porn(repost) - Develop iOS & iPad app Develop iOS (iPhone and iPad) game - Develop iOS and Android application -- 2 Develop iOS and Android Application for Event - Develop iOS app for iPhone & iPad Develop iOS app for iPhone and iPad - Develop IOS apps Develop iOS apps using SWIFT or Objective C. Must have developed apps using iOS SDK 8.x, Xcode6,HealthKit - Develop IOS, Android & HTML5 Music/Dating app develop iOS/Android app using iBeacons - Develop Iphone & Android Application Develop iPhone & Android Application - Develop iphone and android apps that will open my site in a Web browser object. BUT it will change interactions of two buttons with user as explained. Develop iphone and android apps that will open my site in a Web browser object. Should be delivered in 48 Hours. - develop iphone app Develop iPhone app - Finder+Directory+Calendar - Develop IPhone Application Develop Iphone Application - Develop iPhone Font Scanning App Develop iphone game - Develop Iphone/Android App Develop iPhone/Android application with platform backend - Develop Java API to connect to JawBone wearable device Develop JAVA API for Sharekhan API - Develop JavaFX screens Develop Javascript - Develop Joomla Component Develop Joomla component for tracking containers on website - Develop Joomla Extension