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Develop a Travel website - Develop a Unique UI/UX for the website Develop a Unity 3D Game (For Demonstration) - Develop a useful internet application Develop a User Area - Front Angular - Back-end Php - develop a very simple 2048-type game for Android Develop a very simple Adobe Premier plugin - develop a video chat website and software Develop a video conferencing platform & app - Develop a virtual environment and a character that can move Develop a virtual football betting system/script - Develop a voice+text chatroom for our website DEVELOP A VOIP BASED MOBILE APPLICATION IN JAVA FOR CHAT & CALLING - Develop a WatchKit counterpart to my existing iPhone app Develop a weather app with google map integration - Develop a Web Application Develop a Web Application - Develop a web application and APP Develop a Web application based on Dashboard environment. - Develop a Web Based Angular.js Platform Develop a web based application - Develop a web based management application Develop a web based management application - Develop a Web Crawler Using WebSPHINX Develop a Web Form requiring Login - develop a web page with html5 and html Develop a web PDF/EPUB Catalog - Develop a web service to interact with Woocommerce Develop a web service to interact with Woocommerce API - Develop a web site with PDF -- 2 develop a web software - Develop a webapp for wordpress blog site Develop a WebApp for our existing Winforms application - Develop A Website Develop a Website - Develop a website Develop a website - Develop a website Develop a website - Develop a website Develop a website - Develop a website Develop a website - Develop a website Develop a website - develop a website develop a website - Develop a Website Develop a Website - Develop A Website (Eco Energy Solutions) Develop A Website (Eco Energy Solutions) - Repost - Develop a Website and connect it to the database. Develop a website and customize Moodle to our needs. - Develop a Website for a Fireplace and Stove Retailer Develop a website for a college - Develop a website for business broker industry Develop a website for caching torrents - Develop a website for our client Develop a website for our Company - Develop a website in PHP + design Develop a website in PHP + design (Build from scratch) - Develop a website Multi User, using Custom PHP -- 2 Develop a website of Classified Online transaction platform - Develop a website template for an auto dealer. Joomla Yootheme Develop A Website Template For Leadpages - Develop a website where Teachers can make a profile, fill in there skills, blogs, new titles etc. Develop a website where users can create their mobile site - Develop a website with opencart template DEVELOP A WEBSITE WITH PAYMENT GATEWAY. - Develop a whatsapp integration Develop a WhatsApp type Android application - Develop a windows application develop a windows application - Develop a Windows Store App prototype Develop a Windows/Mac Application - Develop a WordPress caculator plugin Develop a Wordpress Chess/Chinese Chess Game - Develop a Wordpress Plugin Develop a Wordpress Plugin - Develop a wordpress plugin in one hour Develop A Wordpress Plugin That Sydicates Content - Develop a Wordpress Site for a newspaper Develop a Wordpress site for inspirational contents. - Develop a Wordpress Theme Develop a Wordpress Theme - Develop a wordpress theme same as link -- 2 Develop a Wordpress Theme(repost) - Develop a WordPress website project Develop a wordpress website similar to - Develop a WP plugin that installs/inserts the new FB pixel on individual pages Develop a WP plugin to submit an xml document to an API Server using http post - Develop Accounting Budget for a Project -- 2 Develop Accounts and Expense Mangement application for iOS and Android - Develop Additional Features to the Given Demo and the Source Code Develop additional functionality for our app - Develop Adobe Air Desktop App ( Video Creation Software ) Develop Adobe Online Forms submission form - Develop affiliate system for our CodeIgniter website Develop Affiliate Website-Real Estate Partnership Program Dashboard - Develop all inner page content for our website based mental health Develop All Metal RC Servo Design - Develop an 8-puzzle in java Develop an Access application that will allow to consult a table on an Access database. - Develop an Admin System for Sharing News Articles Using Wordpress Develop An Adnroid App Within 5 hours - develop an agency website develop an agency website - open to bidding - develop an andriod app develop an andriod app and also IOS app for payment processing - Develop an Android and IOS App (For only Expert App Developers) Develop an Android and iOS App and Cloud Data Portal - Develop An Android App Develop An Android App - Develop an android app Develop an android app - Develop an Android app for a new company Develop an Android app for a school project - Develop an Android app using React Native Develop an Android app version of my Wordpress Classifieds website - Develop an Android Application Develop an Android Application - develop an android application develop an android application - Develop an Android application ! Develop an Android application (including mock-ups) - Develop an Android application for Mobile and Tablets. Develop an Android application for Mobile and Tablets. - develop an android application with admin panel Develop an Android application with an admin to control it - Develop an Android Game APP Develop an Android game application - Develop an Android Tablet App Develop an Android version of an existing iOS app - Develop an Angular, NodeJS backend system Develop an angularjs web application for the Fanalysis Fansite - Develop an API that calls Java from a C applicaiton bidirectionally. - repost Develop an API that searches movies on Amazon Prime / Instant video worldwide - Develop an app Develop an app - develop an app develop an app - Develop an app for Android Develop an app for Android - Develop an App for iOS Develop an app for iOS 8 - Develop an app for mobile(android)
Develop an app for mobile(Iphone) - Develop an app like instagram Develop an app like iOS Drink Buddy app - Develop an App to advertise LPG promote our business and generate new business Develop an app to easily rent your own car and make money with it - Develop an Apple Watch Develop an Apple Watch app - Develop an application Develop an application (GPSbased vehicle tracking and dispatch) - Develop an Application for iOS Develop an application for iOS that logs the date and time that a user pressed certain button. - Develop an application on similar lines to but not for real estate. Details to be shared later develop an application or build a website like an eCommerce - Develop an application to track user behavior, and more Develop an Application using Core Java - Develop an ASP.NET Application for accounts receivable process Develop an ASP.NET Application having Payment Functionality - Develop an Catalog application for the iPhone Develop An Chatting App like Whatsapp - Develop an e-Commerce Website Based on Drupal 6.x Develop an e-commerce website in Shopify CMS - Develop an eCommerce (Woocommerce) Develop An eCommerce App for Android - Develop an educational test app for Android and iOS. Develop an educational website - develop an embedded application for temperature control Develop an embedded camera video solution - Develop an estimating / proposal tool for building automation industry Develop an esyndicat plugin - Develop an exesting php website Develop an exesting website - Develop an Explanation Animation Develop an extension for Exchange Server - Develop an ID for a Technology Firm Develop an ID3 PRIV Frame Tagger - Develop an Indie Game on Unreal Engine Develop an info site on Wordpress CMS - Develop an integrated master schedule in MS Project for a future satellites command and control system Develop an Integrated Website - Develop an interactive RPG develop an interactive system to keep track and maintain the store’s inventory. - Develop an intranet Dashboard and Backend in .NET Develop an intranet for my company - develop an IOS and Andriod app Develop an IOS and Android app - Develop an IOS App from start to finish Develop an iOS App linking an on/off state to a map - Develop an iOS Application Develop an iOS Application - Develop an iOS photo sharing application Develop an iOS Screenshot Extension for Gamemaker: Studio - Develop an IP Camera with TI DM6467T Develop an iPad & iPhone Application - Develop an iPhone & Android application Develop an iphone / android app for ebooks - Develop an iPhone and iPad app Develop an iPhone and iPad app - Develop an iphone app develop an iphone app - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - develop an iPhone application develop an iPhone application - Develop an iphone game Develop an iphone game - Develop an iPhone/Ipad application Develop an iPhone/iPad application utilizing the camera. - Develop an mobile application Develop an mobile application (android/iphone etc) - Develop an Online Application Develop an online application for a transport company management - Develop an online database tool visualize data sets. Develop an online Database with Custom Web Publishing - Develop an online mobile game Develop an online mortgage brokering platform - Develop an online store with shopping cart for T-shirts. Develop an Online Store YB - Develop an Opt-In Resource Caching Plugin for Firefox Develop an Optical Character Recognition software specifically for decoding various receipts on mobile - Develop an RFID Desktop Application with MySql Database Develop an RFID plugin for Fedena Open Source - Develop an started iphone app with CORE DATA Develop an student app for iOS and Android (Apache Cordova would be ok!) - Develop and Ios , Android application and Website Develop and Add Content to Fitness Website - Develop and app for the iPhone and Andriod phone Develop and App of the android and iphone market - develop and create application using spring mvc Develop and create HTML pages from PSD simple - Develop and Design a Simple iPhone Application Develop and Design a Simple iPhone Application -- 2 - Develop and Design Auction/consignment Website Develop and Design Corporate Identity for New Company - Develop and design website selling costumes online Develop and Design website with - Develop and extend a reservation system developed in Microsoft Access and VBA Develop and extend an User Interface by use of shortcuts and menu - develop and implement salesforce -- 4 Develop and implement statistical learning prediction model - Develop and Integrate Quote Funtionality on Front/Back-end develop and Integrate social Network Login in Magento Project - Develop and Maintain Software Develop and maintain Software - Develop and ongoing support of software systems for US based client Develop and Online Store - Develop and SEO Lead Generation Website Develop and Set up VPN. - Develop and Write a Technical report in java SE and Mysql. Develop and write an iphone application - Develop Android and iOS APP Develop Android and iOS App - 04/09/2016 01:13 EDT - Develop Android Antivirus with locate device capability DEVELOP ANDROID APP - develop android app develop android app - Develop Android App For My Website Develop Android app for news website - Develop Android app! Develop Android App. for audit store - Develop Android Application - BLUE LED LIGHT with Functions Develop android application . - Develop android apps from an existing windows application Develop Android Augmented Reality app based on Qualcomm Vuforia SDK - Develop Android Launcher Application Develop Android Light - Develop Android Video Player Develop Android VPN app - Develop anti Spyware program Develop anti-malware software by modifying existing source code - develop API of payment module to connect LinePay and TH counter service Develop API on Open-Source Project (Java, Linux) - Develop App e-Book voice (Audio) reader ( Android, Apple, windows phones) Develop App + Website Analytics - Develop App for iOS and Android Develop App for iOS and Android - Develop app in with salesforce integration Develop app in fix api (fxcm) from my expert advisor strategy - Develop App using videoLAN opensource develop app web for company - Develop application based on Excel calculating module Develop Application based on EXTJS 4 - Develop Application that runs on Notepad & Iphone Develop application that synchronizes Sage BusinessVision with Shopify - develop apps