Image Forensics with written analysis, Unix, Linux.

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You are part of a forensics security team that has been tasked with investigating a

potential crime committed by an employee or a group of employees in a multinational

company. An unauthorised USB memory stick was found in the possession of one of the

employees under investigation.

To start off the forensic process, a bit-by-bit image has been created of the USB and this

has been passed to you for a full forensic analysis.

Your forensic analysis must be presented in a formal report that may form the basis of a

criminal proceeding against the employees under investigation. A report template is


Your forensic analysis report should show all details that may provide evidence in the

case. The details could be names, addresses, contact details, text and other files, all of

which should be fully documented and organised for ease of reference. Your methods

and tools used must be fully documented to as the defence experts will fully scrutinise

these for any flaws.



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