TPM Outline

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Quick little outline of TPM. 1 PAGE MAX DOUBLE SPACED.

As a suggestion, I would approach this section like this:

Line 1: header-1 statement

Line 2-5: state or summarize the importance of TPM, top-3 things you think of with TPM, statistics (how big is TPM from a market standpoint (i.e. revenue, device, research)), lead into into two main categories (issues and development activities) across multiple environments (i.e. virtual/cloud, trust, mobility)

Line 6-21: read all 12 abstracts and introductions to get commonalities . Once done then you I would gain similarities (there will be a select few that will be repeatable) to create a “theme” behind TPM, it’s importance, and why these particular topics were created from both an issue and development standpoint to further TPM security outright

Line 19-22: Summarize the findings into groups, ground into TPM structure



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  • 列出你的提案
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    • Forbes
    • The New York Times
    • Time
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Times Online