Recording in Bulgarian for a language learning App

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I am doing a business for language learners. I will make a mobile app "Learn Bulgarian" with a native speaker.

I have a file with ~1100 Bulgarian phrases (around 2300 words) grouped in 33 categories e.g. numbers, colors, greetings, basic conversation...

My requirements:

1. If there is a typo or grammar mistake, could you please correct and highlight the wrong phrases with red color and record with the correct version.

2. Recording of clear voice with appropriate speed for language learners. Please leave 10 secs of ambiance at the beginning of each file so I could extract the background noise. Between each sentence give a pause about 2-3 secs. Please see the example I attached.

3. Save each category into separate files. That means you will deliver 33 files

4. You will record it in your language using the same settings that used recording the demo (see below).

Example is attached.

My questions are:

- What microphone will you use, will you do the recording in a sound-proof room/vocal booth or a regular room?

- Do you use a pop filter?

- How much would this cost in total and how long will it take?

- Could you please send me some demo of your voice in Bulgarian ?

Thank you!

P.S: We have the translated script already, you will be doing the recording and marking only.



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