Knapsack problem

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Wriite a cprogram for knapsack problem,based on given algoritham




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Scientific programmer and independent developer. I have experience in C, C++, Java, Python, Matlab and Mathematica, among others. I have developed several scientific applications for universities, for example: matlab apps for C-V, I-V and Hall effect measurements in semiconductors, Java apps for Auger electron spectroscopy, ellipsometry, etc. I also have experience with numerical methods, finite element, FD, numerical integration, etc.


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    Vadodara,  India

    Hi would like to learn new things , explore things , check my analytical skills by performing new challenging projects and passion for programming.

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    Bengaluru,  India

    Working for 2 years in IT industry after doing my graduation in IT stream. I would respect your idea with my work. I have following expertise & experienced in different technologies :- 1)Utility tools: C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript programs. 2)Scraping: BeautifulSoup 3)Design: Bootstrap, HTML, AngularJS, jQuery 4)Testing: Static ,Dynamic. Why me? 1. Communication is the key to success: I am available over 10 hours in a day via email, and call that's easy to reach. 2. Free Prototype in 24 hours: Initially its hard for new customers to believe new developers and their ability. You give me your requirements, I develop a free prototype in 24 hours. 2. Project completion is our motto: All payments are via milestone. Milestones are safe and secure without any problem. 4. Support: I assure you to debug any errors within 2 weeks even after the project is completed. I am looking forward to a fruitful business co-operation between us.

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    Dhanbad,  India

    Hello We are highly motivated young technocrats from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, India. We are approachable, you can come to us if you have a struggle, we are happy to help. Expertise:- Syllabus, Virtual Assistance, Data Entry, Personal Assistant, Google Adscene, Quick Basic, Software Testing, Web Desgin, Web Development, Andriod Apps, IOS, Php, Java, Mysql, Objective-C, C, C++ programming, Photoshop, MATLAB, Mathematics, Python, Networks, Scientific content writer, wireless sensor network, IoT, Cloud Computing, Machine learning, Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Algorithms, Computer Networks, Computer Organization, Micro Processor, Digital Electronics, Ope rationing system, Image processing, NLP, Data Mining, Database Management System,HTML, C#, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks Data Structures and Grid Computing.

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    Mumbai,  India

    I have some experience with C, C++, .NET, MySQL. Little to no experience with web technologies. I get really committed to clients and invest 14+ hours a day doing projects. I provide a high quality of service and am available at any hour to respond to queries/instructions. Education: CS Undergrad.

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    Mirpur,  Bangladesh

    I am very fond of programming and algorithm. I have participated in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest 3 times in 2012 hosted by Daffodil International University, in 2013 hosted by North South University, in 2014 hosted by Bangladesh University of Business & Technology from Dhaka Regional Site. I was participated in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in 2015 as a Coach, this programming contest was hosted by North South University. I have solved around 850 programming problems in various online judge such as UVA, Lightoj, CodeForces, TopCoder, SPOJ etc. I am new at here , But I have a 2 years of professional experience with C, C++, C#, .Net, Java , Android Studio, PHP, HTML5 and Laravel Framework. I have founded my own company in our country along with some university level students.

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    Sri Lanka

    I am an Engineering Undergraduate majoring in Electronic Engineering. I have a very high computer literacy and programming skills with languages such as C, C++, Java and Python. Moreover I have experience working with various microcontrollers and microprocessors such as PIC, Arduino, TI MSP430s and Raspberry pi. On the other hand I have experience with Android Development. Moreover I am good in designing algorithms.

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    Tbilisi,  Georgia

    Mathematics, Programming, Mountaineering. More 30 years.

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    Beijing,  China

    I am a MMORPG game developer, mainly focus on server side, and I am also very proficient in client side development. I have 15 years programming experience now, and have worked for 7 years. I am an expert of C++ and Java, and proficient in developing under Windows, Linux/Unix, and Embeded environment. I promise to give you the best solution.

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    Spring,  United States

    Recent graduate, holding a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I am seeking entry-level work. Five years of programming experience. (Including school.) Skills: Java, C, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bash scripting, Wordpress, SQLite, MySQL Contact information: email: phone: 1 (281)-961-4874

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    BATON ROUGE,  United States

    I have a ten years programming experience with Java, C, C++, C# and Python. My most familiar area is Computer Graphics. I can develop complex computer graphics program with modern CG technologies (OpenGL, DerectX11). And I can do project with pretty high efficiency. I am familiar with front-end development (HTML5/JavaScript). I can use a lot of JavaScript frameworks proficiently. (D3js, THREEjs, jQuery, Angularjs, etc) And I am also familiar with machine learning algorithms. (SVM, Decision Tree, Neural Network, Deep learning, CNN, Caffe, etc) I have a Physics Master degree, so math and physics are also my Strengths. My Email is: swu84 'at' yahoo 'dot' com