I need to extract information from a website to determine whether an Item is in stock or not

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We currently have a supplier with a large amount of products, for us to find out whether a product is in stock, we must visit there website, login, and check the status (In stock or out of stock).

We are hoping someone can setup an excel macro or provide an alternative way for us to accquire these stock statuses on a daily basis.

We can provide a list of products codes, so the process would be login to the website, search the codes, return the stock status, so we end up with a list (in csv, xls or xlsx format)-

PRODUCT1 - Out of stock

PRODUCT2 - Out of stock

PRODUCT3 - In Stock

PRODUCT4 - In Stock

This must be something we can run on a daily basis, message me if you need to see the suppliers site before quoting.



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