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I'm looking for an editor to help with voice & flow in my first attempt at a fiction novel. The genre is dystopian, a young woman's journey of survival after an EMP attack. I'm still wrapping up the first draft and have to go back through it to clean up a little. It's around 115,000 words. I hope to have a quick turnaround time. I will be self-publishing with CreateSpace.




I'm very satisfied with the re-written documents, Naeem uses a language that is both uncomplicated (and actually a little bit "funny", but without being unserious) and very professional at the same time, making it legible to read (which, I guess, is not the most common feeling you get when you have to read through a "Terms and Conditions" document...) Just one mistake in one sentence, but that took me about 1,5 seconds to adjust ("Sweden laws" should be "Swedish laws", absolutely no big deal, there was almost 3000 words in those final documents!). I'm very happy with Mr Naeems job and I will definitely hire him again!
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As a professional academic writer, proficient in various academic writing styles (APA, MLA, HARVARD, CHICAGO), I've made my hands dirty in writing ACADEMIC PROJECTS including but not limited to: ***ESSAYS, ***TERM PAPERS, ***LITERATURE REVIEWS ***RESEARCH PAPERS, ***THESES, ***DISSERTATIONS, ***ADMISSION ESSAYS, ***RESEARCH PROPOSALS, and many more… With Masters in English Literature and hands-on experience on various academic styles, particularly APA, MLA, HARVARD, CHICAGO, and a few others, I can provide you with excellent quality at all times. Samples will be provided on request. Thanks


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  • BethBellor Profile Picture


    Bay City,  United States

    I have been a full-time editor for 26 years. I pay meticulous attention to detail while preserving the author's unique voice. My focus is fiction, with specialties in dystopia, horror, and erotica. A longtime print and online journalist, I also have background in public policy reports, business and marketing materials, self-help and personal development programs, spiritual guides, employee manuals, health education programs, scientific white papers, and academic articles. A U.S. native speaker with a bachelor's degree in English, I also have worked for British and Australian clients. I do not have editing samples as my employers and clients do not want "before" work released, but often will edit brief excerpts as proof of my skill. I DO NOT ACCEPT WRITING PROJECTS.

  • Categalloway0321 Profile Picture


    United States

    I'm a 22 year old mom of a wonderful baby boy. I'm looking to get work while at home taking care of him. My hobbies include couponing, sketching, eating Mexican food, and catching up on my favorite shows.

  • MarcusDavis Profile Picture


    Montreal,  Canada

    "Top world class not matched by anyone else I've used" (recent feedback elsewhere). Called by some "The Professor" at the Chicago Manual of Style forum, where expert professional editors congregate, a place where I am told by others "you make my dues more than worth the $$," and where I am a "Premier Member" with over a 1,400 contributions. (NOT FLUFF: check out the posts by "JerrySmile"'). STOP THE PRESSES:-) An Australian author whose novel was edited exclusively by me will be represented by the topmost-ranked SciFi literary agent in the US. Top agency too, and located in NYC. The art: I love writing and the world literature. I am the author of three literary novels, each over 100,000 words, two of which you can find at Amazon or Kobo. From a Big 5 editor (London based), about one of my literary novels: ~~~ The writing is assured & distinctive ... I think this is a well-written, very intelligent novel which really evokes the world of [...] in a very powerful way. ~~~ .

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    Get cheerful help from a bestselling novelist! "Garzon has a gift." Chronicle of the Horse magazine "By far the best book I have ever read." EmptyNester Reviews Whether you're self-publishing or submitting your lovingly crafted manuscript to traditional publishers, the importance of a good editor can't be overstated. I will polish your text until it gleams, and if you're going the do-it-yourself route I'll be happy to act as your guide. I can refer you to helpful experts (formatting, graphic design) and steady you as you take those all-important first marketing steps. Together, we'll get your book off to the best possible start!

  • KevinStemp Profile Picture


    Ottawa,  Canada

    Hello, I am a freelancer writer, editor and author. I am a native English speaker/reader/writer. I enjoy all forms of writing. My versatility allows me to take on various projects. I am deadline driven and strive to create top-notch writing and editing for all my clients. I am open to feedback and will work with you to ensure my work is both outstanding and exactly what you need. I have a bachelors degree in psychology and a masters degree in education. I've travelled extensively and have documented my journey on a personal blog. I have two children's books on Amazon that can be found under my name. I look forward to working with you. Cheers, Kevin Stemp

  • csimpson6 Profile Picture


    Southsea,  United Kingdom

    I am new on this site, but not new to writing. I am a native UK English speaker and writer, I have worked on many projects for education and academia as well as more creative writing projects. I even wrote a short pantomime in rhyming couplets whch was performed! I love writing, my other interests are hockey, crafts, cookery, restoring antiques and gaming. I belong to a 'Geek Girls' group and a 'Laughter and Wellbeing' group. Having taught science for more than fifteen years in secondary schools, I am now supply teaching and freelance writing and life is sweet.

  • vlindwrites Profile Picture


    United States

    I have a B.A. in English and over 10 years of experience as a writer, including fiction, blogging, and academic writing. I am an award winning author of a young adult novel and an author of four. I have worked for a literary agency and a publishing house, where I have helped nurture a number of authors to publication. I have also written for blogs, newspapers, and magazines. My clients include published and unpublished authors, students, and other industry professionals. I am also fluent in Russian. I am flexible when it comes to the working hours, but I am serious about meeting deadline. I have a passion for the written word and would love to be a help to those looking for guidance.

  • KADavenport019 Profile Picture


    West Lafayette,  United States

    Hi there! My name is Kailey A. Davenport, and I am a writer. I am a recent alum of Purdue University, where I studied Creative and Professional Writing. I specialize in creative pieces but am no stranger when it comes to more professional work like research & technical writing. I am also a heck of a proofreader/editor; I don't miss ANYTHING. If you have any question about the written word, I'm your gal. I love fiction. I love how a work of utter imagination can be truer than the world we live in. I love that throughout history, fiction is one of the biggest drivers of social change. I love that as I writer I can dream forever, because there will always be a story to tell. I thrive on collaboration. If you have big ideas and don't know how to get them running, find me. We can make something awesome together. Can't wait to work with you.

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    Work within time limit and present topic based work .Presenting global changing ideas for a better future

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    Lagos,  Nigeria

    I have worked as an editor for almost ten years now. I get easily pissed off by bad writings, especially when a work is full avoidable errors, and I put in all of me to remove every of them. I love to help people 'write right' and I enjoy doing this. I have great eyes for details and a deep passion for editing, proofreading and rewriting. For me, this is not just another job; it is a commitment to add value and brilliance to writings. Few of the manuscripts I've worked on are the electronic copies of a law journal; series of literary journals; fictional works; non-fictional religious books; the memoirs of a renowned political figure in Nigeria; biographies; and schools educational texts. I have a university degree in English Language and a Diploma in Subediting and Design from the London School of Journalism.