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I have a problem to solve

A notched plate with a net stress concentration factor, Kt, of 3 has the following material properties:

E = 200 GPa K’ = 1400 MPa n’ = [url removed, login to view] Sy = 600 MPa Su = 930 MPa

Determine the net stress, S, necessary to:

a) Reach yield, Sy, at the notch root

b) Reach a strain at the notch root, ε, of 1% (or [url removed, login to view])

If a net section stress of 610 MPa is applied to the plate determine, using Eq. ([url removed, login to view]), the resulting stress, σ, and strain, ε, at the notch root. How much error is caused by assuming net section elastic behavior and using Eq. ([url removed, login to view]) to determine the notch root stress and strain?



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