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预算 ₹12500 - ₹37500 INR
竞标 29
平均竞标 ₹22021
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  • Vijinavijina3133 Profile Picture



    I am vijina, living Calicut, India.. working as an accounts officer. Now thinking for doing data entry works as part time

  • pushpendersinghr Profile Picture


    pune,  India

    I am time punctual and hard working and almost try to complete my job with accuracy. well i can only prove this by showing my work

  • victor010010 Profile Picture


    Kolkata,  India

    I am a web designer who helps design or improve website functioning or any website related works. Customer satisfaction is my priority.

  • lsa57fbdeef7dac0 Profile Picture



    I am a graduate of the universities La Sabana (undergraduate) and Antonio Nariño (graduate), and I want to express my willingness to provide my services in your company.

  • cjybpegIgrandia Profile Picture


    BEIJING,  China

    I am a project manager with three years experience in this field. I have great skills and knowledge in the areas of writting reports, making charts, translating documents and have worked in these areas for many employers and companies around the world.I am ready to be hired by you today. 拥有三年大型机电项目管理经验,能胜任中英文资料翻译和写作。

  • burhanmudassar Profile Picture


    ATLANTA,  United States

    A graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. My research interests are in Computer Architecture, Hardware/Software Design, FPGA and ASIC Design. I have 2.5 years experience coding for the FPGA and software programming in C/C++.

  • adexmatrix Profile Picture


    ibadan,  Nigeria

    tall, lanky, dark complexioned. a graduate of meteorology from the university of technology. love to work and learn new things.

  • BENSONGITHU Profile Picture


    NAIROBI,  Kenya

    I have ventured into academic writing, editing of written articles, proof reading and research writing. I am also good in using all features of ms office.

  • shivamraheja8535 Profile Picture


    muzaffarnaga,  India

    i m intrested in doing some work always .... as it may be of anykind basically i m percuing B.C.A n some knowledge about computers, execl, data entry job n also worked in B.P.O n customer support too

  • Purple0rchids Profile Picture


    Rochester,  United Kingdom

    I speak many languages, although I am native British/English. I also have colleagues who help with my translating work to ensure we can translate anything and everything. Me personally? I tend to do as much as possible of the work myself. WHY DO YOU KNOW SO MANY LANGUAGES - YOU MAY ASK? I have travelled all over the world, I started learning languages amongst lots of other things since I was 8 years old. It was my JOB to speak other languages and to fit in amongst the natives of each country I visited. I also have an extensive knowledge of the NHS, healthcare in general. You name it I've done it, Admin, Managerial, Nursing and lots more! Please contact me for any of your needs! Working with words is a passion for me. Through different projects, I have edited and proofread hundreds of papers and written some powerful content too. My love for the well written words goes a long way in my success in doing justice to any project that I pick up.