Market research: Find 30 niches in Italy

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  • 预算 €30 - €250 EUR
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Market research in Italy:

Find 30 niches

For each niche i need URLs of the top 4 Italian online magazines, forums or blogs.

For these online magazines, forums or blogs I need Unique Monthly Visitors, ad placement cost, if they use google display ads and contact information to ad responsible for the site.

For each niche find the top 4 most purchased items/products in Italy and their related online shops URLs and Unique Monthly Visitors.

Also for each niche identify the period of the year in months where it is most active and if it is related to any festivities, religious or otherwise.

Organise the data in a nice excel or google sheet that is easy to search and filter.

Start with two first niches and then evaluate with me before continuing.

The best way to get the Unique Monthly Visitors and advertisement cost if not displayed on the site is to contact the sites advertisement contact.

Deadline is 7 days, the sooner the better.



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    • Forbes
    • The New York Times
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    • Times Online