Take some Photos Tianjin

预算 ¥100 - ¥450 CNY
竞标 3
平均竞标 ¥446
状态 关闭

We are interested in bakery industry (cakes, sweet pies, cheesecakes etc. 蛋糕) in Tianjin.

The project is to take photos of a glass cases where cakes are displayed.

We need the whole range of products and prices to be clearly visible.

The project is to take:

* 5 sets of photos taken in retail stores (each set for different store)

* 5 sets of photos taken in specialized bakery stores (stores where they sell cakes only)

* 5 sets of photos taken in cafes and coffee shops

Each set of photos 30 RMB.

Deadline October 12, 2016. Thank you!



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  • ArenaImage Profile Picture


    Beijing,  China

    I am a ordinary office staff, do some coodinate thing in a software company and wrote pc-game reviews. I lived and worked in many cities of China. I can help you for getting in touch of China, what ever you are writting scholar articles or starting buziness. For eg. (1) Take photos at special time and place. Edit album or compose image-handbooks. You may get photos of buildings, sceneries, foods, or news events. (2) Survey and reasearch. You may get know about a restaurant, an archived book, or running status of a market or supply chain. (3) Consultant of government policy. You may get summaries of documents of entry-and-exit, employing, social insurance, and vocational qualification. (4) Collect internet comment. You may know people's think of an event in main Chinese forums . (5) Summarizing travel plan of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen cities and order ticket online, air port picking up can be discussed. (6) Contact local media or college orgnazitions. * All observ laws.

  • andy9guo Profile Picture


    Tianjin,  China

    I am a mechanical engineer,26 years old,I worked at Foxconn for 3 years.Now I run a small company,which has 5 crews.We are young and ambitious.I hope i can solve your problem and save your time.I will do my best to support you.Besides,I like travel ,music,photography.I hope this hobby can helo you too.

  • richardma1985 Profile Picture


    Tianjin,  China

    Python, PHP, Ruby, Shell Script Programming on Linux, or something else. BTW you can call me richard.