3D rendering, interior architecture rendering from AutoCad plans. Still images, no video, realistic.

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  • 预算 $15 - $25 USD / hour
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We have an app allowing future house owners to choose their floor tiling. To help them visualize, we want to show 3D rendered views of their flats.

There are 2 to 3 rooms per flat and a dozen of tiling textures. It could be either 1 render per texture or 1 render with transparency with the texture rendered separately. We would like to explore a VR option. Not 3D, just a 360° flat image we will integrate in a viewer. No modelisation should be required except for the floor, walls, ceiling, windows and doors. The rooms have to look "alive" with appropriate furniture. Pre-modeled /pre-textured furnitures can be used. There is always : a bathroom + toilet, kitchen + living room. Among projects, same furnitures can be kept.

This is a prototype and hopefully will become an on-going job, requiring renderings for every new type of flats sold. This first batch has to be discussed together regarding the number of 3D views required, the delays and the budget. Budget indicated here is wrong. It has to be refined together.

What is important to us :

- rendering quality

- good english

- able to find solutions, be an active adviser



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