Community Manager for our Social Media Marketing

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  • 预算 $30 - $250 USD
  • 总竞标 9


Community Manager Tasks

1. Finding min. 20 Content Ambassadors who is: between 18-22, active in social media,

beatiful/handsome, video lover, popular, cool, high-class,... etc.

2. Creating a Whatsapp group chat with them and including the Global Community Manager into the group

3. Working closely with the Content Manager and with your team on certain topics, also launching the topics which regularly will be determined by the Content Manager and Scorp Management.

4. Managing and leading the "Content Ambassador" team. Conten Ambassadors’ Task


-Posting on certain headlines at least once a day.

-Liking 25+ posts a day.

-Inviting all of their friends via Facebook with tapping one button, which is inside of the Scorp App.

-Sharing more than 2 of their own Scorp videos on their Instagram profiles weekly.

***PS: Content Ambassadors get paid when they finish the tasks above, regarding

their weekly/monthly preference. Additionally Community Managers get paid when their

team is done with the tasks.



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    • Forbes
    • The New York Times
    • Time
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Times Online