A C++ Autopatcher , that can Check the files from program and patch them with the newest updates . If some file file in the program is modified , the program be able to modify it with the original one from the website . (I guess checking them by date and time or lzo hash check) . So it could update the program smartly from a certain link that has a remote copy of it , with just new files.

The program also to be a launcher , so to start the app from it (shell .bin file or other format) .

The program be able to check the black list IP's from a remote .txt document , so if any ip is in black list and is the same as the PC, so it could block the user to start the program.

I have the program MADE in [url removed, login to view] but , it has many dependencies and it's a bottleneck for the user to download them , so I want the C++ program to haven them in .DLL or something , that does not make the users to download dependencies from internet .

技能: C++编程, 软件构架

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