c# terminal program, create character and weapon -- 2

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Hi, trying to understand c# better and I want a experienced programmer's viewpoint,

Create a Weapon class with an attack int member variable and one additional primitive type member variable of your choosing.

Create a Character class that contains member variables for a name string, base attack int, health int, equipped weapon Weapon, and two additional primitive type members of your choosing.

All member variables in the Character and Weapon classes will have properties associated with each of them.

In Program, have one static Character object that will act as a single main character that starts off empty.

The Main() method in Program will provide the user with a choice of creating a new Character, modify the current Character, creating a new Weapon and set it as the static Character’s equipped weapon, display information about the static Character object, and exit.

The application will only close when the window is closed or when the user selects the exit option and the user can select these options in any order any number of times.



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