Chat application using node and express

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Need simple chat application running on node and express generator.

Application needs to be responsive. With that, we can also attach and send files to respective user.

Users can create groups.

Application will be connected to MySQL database where all users will be fetched. It also means that we don't need request to any user for chat functionality. Again, it doesn't means that you can not use other database. But for user fetch and user authentication, you will need to connect to MySQL database.

It's also expected that application will not break in case of sql , XSS, crlf injection.

We will be deploying application on ubuntu aws ec2 instance. We may or may not use aws database container. That will be decided at run time. On same server, we also have application running on PHP, MySQL. We will be deploying application on same ec2 instance. We also need brief documentation if we need to redeploy same application on other instance.



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