Instalacja, konfiguracja, optymalizacja serwera baz danych VPS MariaDB

预算 zł90 - zł750 PLN
竞标 9
平均竞标 zł499
状态 关闭

Zlecę instalację konfiguarcję i tuning serwera baz danych,

Serwera VPS ssd w ovh 2 GB RAM

Instalacja MariaDB

import danych ze starej bazy danych



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  • PhPCoderPlus Profile Picture



    15 lat doświadczenia w programowaniu aplikacji webowych. PhP , Perl , Mysql, Js Ajax/Jquery , Bootstrap , Css, Html, xml . i dużo więcej

  • chromikmaciej Profile Picture


    Siedlce,  Poland

    Hi, my name is Maciek I'm from Poland. Since 2005, I'm a Linux, MySQL and network administrator.

  • micgajak Profile Picture


    Łódź,  Poland

    Witam, Mam za sobą wiele projektów, zarówno w obrębie firmy, w której pracuję jak i na własną rękę. Pracuję w zawodzie 6 lat *budowa stron, platform elearningowych z późniejszą ich administracją. *autorskie skrypty *bazy danych / łączenie witryn z zewnętrznym oprogramowaniem - import/synchronizacja danych. *interaktywne formularze *aktualizacja/modyfikacja serwisów www *migracja serwisów na inne serwery *analiza i dostosowanie treści pod kątem SEO *nietypowe rozwiązania Szukam zarówno pojedynczych, jednorazowych zleceń jak i współpracy na stałe.

  • andyzasl Profile Picture


    Saint-Petersburg,  Russian Federation

    Good day! I work for a company that has been supporting a lot of servers, including databases (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle), dns servers (powerdns, bind), Windows Active Directory and Exchange, and, of course, LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, php ), also under our control mail services (postfix, Exim) and an extensive VPN network to the internal networks of customers (for work). Also we have a Proxmox Cluster for our need, and could sell a few VPSes :) skills linux\unix : - web ( apache, tomcat, nginx, php-fpm, ftp, etc ) - DataBases ( Oracle, Postgress, Mysql) - virtualizing ( kvm, vmware, proxmox, qemu, etc) - DNS, LDAP, mercurial, puppet, squid, samba, etc - vpn ( openVPN, pptp, softether, etc) - mail ( exim, dovecot, postfix) - backup ( bareos/ bacula, shell-scripts) Note, ste skill list is too long to just publish it ;) Average response time to an incident is 10 minutes. Under our management is more than 500 servers in Europe.

  • alexvieriu94 Profile Picture


    Siret,  Romania

    Fully dedicated and professional!

  • tanujchugh Profile Picture


    Jaipur,  India

    Web Hosting Expertise:- WHM/Cpanel, Website Panel,Plesk Panel, Zpanel, Direct admin, Virtual min, ispconfig panel, Server Setup and Management with security and optimization,Server Migration, SSL Installation , NGINX and apache Cloud services: AWS administration- setup and management, Linode setup and management, google cloud setup and management, Azure setup, management LINUX RedHat, Fedora,CentOS, Ubuntu / Debian, free BSD Virtualization technologies:- Open VZ Virtuozzo Hyper v Xen Vmware Database Servers MSSQL, MySQL Applications: SMTPQmail, Sendmail, Postfix, Power MTA (PMTA) Domain Keys/DKIM,opendkim, dkim POP/IMAP CourierImap, Fetchmail, Qpopper, Dovecot SquirrelMail with many modules Tomcat, JBoss DNS Bind Aniti Spam/Anti Virus Email Campaign Managers:- Interspire, OpenEmm, Oempro Firewalls UNIX/LINUX iptables Website Development: core php wordpress codeigniter woocommerce Web Designing: psd to html banner design template design logo design

  • ArleMedina Profile Picture


    Caracas,  Venezuela

    I cannot live without expressing myself and creating new solutions. I am passionate about the continuous improvement of things, systems, processes and resources. I offer you exclusive dedication to your projects and creative ideas about computer networks and servers. I will devote a lot of energy and enthusiasm to your projects: - Advice and support on your academic projects. - To experiment with new technologies in virtual test environments. - Creating development environments for new systems. - Testing system settings before taking them to the production environment. - To innovate with new techniques, processes and configurations. I have more than 10 years working experience as a Linux Server Administrator

  • dkokmadis Profile Picture


    Athens,  Greece

    A Linux Administrator with 5+ years of expertise in RedHat based distros and OpenVZ based virtualization systems.

  • arifjaunpur Profile Picture


    New Delhi,  India

    I have developed multiple public and private Roku channel. I was started developing roku channe and MEAN( Mongo Angular Node.JS ) in 2013 I am web and IPTV( Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast ) developer have 2+ years experienced in streaming, CRM, CMS, ads classified, and eCommerce application development. I am full stack developer with strong coding and debugging skills. I also provide consultancy to choose best suited technologies stack as per requirement. I have experienced in following technologies (1) Java: Groovy & Grails, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, JEE, Jasper, iTex, Quartz, etc (2) JavaScript: JQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Bootstrap (3) PHP: Laravel, Codeigniter, Slim framework, Wordpress Cloud services setup & configuration and app deployment (1) Amazon Web Services: EC2, RDS, S3, Cloudfront, SES, EB, etc. (2) Heroku, Digital Ocean, Openshift Streaming platform (1) Wowza (2) Red5 (3) Nginx (4) FFMPEG (5) Kaltura