Need someone to configure A2billing with Elastix 4

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I've got Elastix version 4 installed on my vps which has freepbx, asterisk and a2billing installed as its packages.

And when I tried calling without configuring a2billing everything was working just fine but when i tried to route it via a2billing I got an error saying "The number your trying to call is unavailable Invalid Digit Invalid Digit"

So I need someone who knows the behavior and settings of a2billing in detail and professionally to help me setup and also to explain me about the errors.



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  • ismailrajaallah Profile Picture


    Casablanca,  Morocco

    An enthusiastic network telecom engineer with the necessary drive and determination needed to resolve complex networking issues. Possessing effective organizational skills and excellent working knowledge of networking technologies and having a commitment to keep up to date with the latest developments.

  • kingAsterisk Profile Picture


    Ahmedabad,  India

    We are provides Desktop Management, Server Management, Network Management( Windows & Linux Both) & call center solutions with products ranging from Soft Predictive dialers to VoIP Gateways from VoIP minutes to Servers.. 1. Predictive Dialer on RENT(EMI) 2. Predictive Dialer with UNLIMITED MINUTES (COMBO PACK) 3. PREDICTIVE DIALER with purchase mode 4. UNLIMITED VoIP A to Z Network & Call Center Solutions Asterisk * System Integration, from small office to carrier grade * Skype <-> SIP <-> Asterisk * Custom applications * Billing solutions * Auto / mass dialing solutions * Advanced AGI scripting A2Billing * Billing customization * Callback customization * CDR customization * IVR customization * Softphone Integration * Multi owner solution * Reseller solution * Clustering / Backup / Failover / Monitoring * Security / Hardening ViciDial * Complete configuration and customization for call centers * Inbound / Outbound strategies Call Shop * Complete configuration and customization for call shops * Asterisk-based easy-to-use solutions * Integration with traditional systems and equipment Trixbox / FreePBX / Elastix * Complete configuration * Customization GNU/Linux * I use Debian from year 2000 * SysAdmin * Webmaster * MySQL / SQLite DBA * RAID * Disaster Recovery * Custom monitoring and with Nagios * Open / Closed / Custom encryption * Security Manager Hardware * Digium * Sangoma * OpenVox * AudioCodes * Siemens * Gigaset * Panasonic * HP ProCurve Specialties Software Development, Server Management(Windows & Linux),Network Management,Configure DHCP,port forwarding etc for Windows & linux networks.Dialer Technical Support with VoIP Server Technical Support (All types of VoIP devices), VoIP Minutes Re seller with dialer. Social skills: excellent in team, individual,on-site or remotely, relaxed or under stress. Organizational skills: excellent with analyst duties,alone or in team,with project manager duties,with self-managed time or with magnetic badge. Installation Expertises in Asterisk, Freeswitch, vicidial, astercrm, A2billing, Free PBX, Elastic etc. IVR specialist in asterisk Advanced Dialplan in asterisk Useful and cost-effective phone management system planning & designing & installation Expertises in Digium, Sangoma, Openvox and other type of PRI & PSTN Card installation. Connecting Multiple Asterisk Server & Cloud Solution for asterisk Call centre setup using vicidial Advanced Voice broadcast system Training on Asterisk Advanced Call Recording Solution usi ng Asterisk Specialties Asterisk, Freeswitch, vicidial,A2billing, Free pbx, elastic, PRI & PSTN card installation, call centre setup, Advanced IVR, Cloud solution using asterisk, training on asterisk, voice broadcast etc.

  • gilbertarias Profile Picture


    Santo Domingo,  United States

    hi, im trying to get ahead here doing some jobs, i have 8 yeards of experience making good installations of VOIP Devices and OS, also Setting up IP PBX gateways as Elastix, Asterisk, Freeswitch, FreePBX, A2Billing, ASTPP, 3CX, OpenVBX and Kazoo, also SMS Systems Like PlaySMS, Jazmin and Kannel, if you give me the job ill make it a success 100% also got good knowledge of: PHP MYSQL HTML CSS WORDPRESS NODEJS JAVASCRIPT VPN VPS CLOUD COMPUTING UNIX/LINUX ADMINISTRATION WINDOWS ADMINISTRATION FORTINET UBIQUITI MIKROTIK

  • geosohaib Profile Picture


    Lahore,  Pakistan

    I have more than 5 years of experience in different fields of IT Especially VIOP. I got hands on experience of Asterisk PBX, Freeswitch Click2Call, Callback, A2billing, Vicidial and AGI custom script writing, IVR development using PHP, Mysql. I have the ability to learn new technologies through the use of self-study materials and intuition. I pay close attention to details while performing technically detailed tasks. I have reasonable experience with: - Asterisk distinctive Dial Plans and IVR - A2billing customization and Redesign - Asterisk Integration with Web Applications and CRM. - IVR development- AGI script writing - VICIDIAL a predictive and auto dialer redesign and customization- FreePBX and Trixbox for small office/home officesI have been working in a challenging and competitive environmentwhere I practically applied and improved my technical knowledge & experience acquired from my education & career, concurrently groom my personality by working in a team of competent individuals.

  • ihssaneza Profile Picture


    tetouan,  Morocco

    telecommunication systems engineer, i can provide : • Installation , configuration and administration of Linux servers . • Local & remote Installation and configuration of Asterisk and it’s GUI. • Configuration of VoIP servers, SMTP servers, web and mysql servers… • Ensure the proper functioning of the IP telephony platform. • Administration of : Apache, Postfix, DNS, Iptables, MySQL, ssh, fail2ban ... • Installation & configuration of an open source billing system for asterisk. • Implementation of security measures of networks . • Configurations of IP network equipments,routers,switches, digium cards, sip adapters…