EA for mt4

  • 状态 关闭的
  • 预算 $10 - $30 USD
  • 总竞标 4




Only 2, NRTR_ATR_STOP ( I'll call 1st ) and WyattsPivots_erikmode ( I'll call 2nd )

Open logic: ( buy – see also 1. Open 1 order example ):

When 1st indicator change from red to blue a potential order will be triggered.

Wait until price turn back below red line, and hit that squere ( PowderBlue ). Open price need to be inside that squere. I use to open in the middle of it. Then open buy. That is for one order.

This pull back which generate triggers need to happen in max "h" houres ( see picture No Trigger ).

Maxim 4 order can be open ( with same logic ) when price move up ( see picture named – Many orders ) when price did not hit LL and pull back.

Stop logic:

Set SL for one or all ( maxim 4 ) orders, at today HH or LL ( if sell or buy ) plus x pips.

SL is also oposite trigger order. See picture Aditional SL. That means when buy accure previous sell will be close.

IF LL or HH is smaller or bigger then open price SL will be sel at NRTR_ATR_STOP level

Take profit logic:

[url removed, login to view] case on 1 order, previous HH or LL ( LL is for sell ) see ( 1. Open 1 order example )

[url removed, login to view] case of many orders breck even order one ( see image Many Orders ).

For example if order 1 and 2 were open, breck even order 1. If 1,2 and 3 open, breck even order 1. If 1,2,3 and 4 open also breck even order 1.

Of coures for oposite direction will be the same but instead of LL will be HH etc.

69 usd ! 5 working days



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