Web-Based Keyword Search App (API, Website Scraper, PHP)

This should be a simple project for a talented PHP developer.

I need to create a simple web-based app that will do the following:

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1. User enters a list of keywords

2. Script goes out to Google, Yahoo, Bing to pull up the top sites that rank for those keywords and starts populating them in a table

3. Goes out to Compete API for these websites

1. Gets monthly traffic for each website

4. Goes out to KeywordSpy's API to grab the PPC websites bidding on these keywords. Script gets:

1. Website URL

2. Traffic (compete API)

3. PPC Keywords

4. PPC Budget

5. User can then delete websites, go out and get the metrics again if it didn't pull it, get PPC data again for other sites.

6. User selects sites and choose "Get Contact Data"

7. The script will go out the websites and search for the "contact page, about us, support, or other pages where contact information can be found."

1. The script will scrape the contact information such as: Name, email address, address 2, city, state, zip, email, phone, fax, facebook, twitter, other contact information.

8. If the scraper cannot find the contact information, it will use our Whois lookup API to get the contact details for the website.

9. After it's finished there will be a final list that can be exported to a Excel or CSV file. The columns include all the details collected for each website.

So there's 3 components to this app:

1. Use API's to get data

2. Scrape website to search for contact information

3. Export to Excel file

Now if you cannot do the webpage scraper portion of the site, please let me know what you CAN do.

I already have the design somewhat completed, we just need a developer to put the pieces together for us.

Feel free to send me a message on here.

I will not accept messages with blobs of text about the projects you've done before. Please ask questions about this project.

Thank you.

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