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SEEKING PHP Programmers/Developers and Web Designers

SEEKING PHP Programmers/Developers and Web Designers

ATTENTION ALL APPLICANTS: This is a Featured Project we are allowed to exchange contact information and you are allowed to post an hourly rate. Please reply with your contact info, hourly rate or a flat rate for 10-25 hours per month, provable experience level and work examples. Seeking bids in the $1-$14 per hour range depending on work experience. Be clear on which position you are applying for - Programmer or Design/graphics position, Do NOT apply for both unless you have excellent experience in both disciples.

Growing US Internet Services company seeking free-lance web programmers and web designers/web graphic designers. We are seeking reliable expert programmers and designers to work with us on our and our clients projects on an ongoing basis. As part of our growth we are putting together a small talented group of web programmers/designers (freelancers) to work for us in addition to our in-house staff. We are looking for applicants able to work from 10-25 hours a month to start. If you work out well for us more hours can be available. Positions are for ongoing work. We can provide you with monthly consistent income. We require experienced reasonably priced programmers with minimum of 3 years expertise in the following web technologies:


REQUIRED SKILLS: Applicants must have proven PHP and mySQL experience. Extensive experience/expertise in PHP5/PHP4, osCOMMERCE and JavaScript, MySQL. Extensive proficiency and strong experience in PHP, Oscommerce, and MySQL, PHP Script installations, modifications and customization absolutely required! For the most part we use purchased scripts so you will NOT have to develop scripts. This job requires expert osCommerce skills including Oscommerce installations, customization, modifications and web template installation and integration. Applicant must be able to quick and efficiently add numerous contributions as we run several osCommerce sites, many have 5-15 different contributions. You should be able to install oscommerce site duplications with slight modifications on several URL as we do this frequently. Only reliable applicants who can quickly install, troubleshoot, modify scripts and a variety of pre purchased scripts need apply.

PREFERRED ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Perl/Cgi, Java, JavaScript, ASP are preferred and a plus but not requirements. All applicants must have demonstrated experience in database driven websites. Basic front-end HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript skills are of course mandatory.


Design projects will be done under the direction of our Design Director who will be giving you specific instructions and direction as to the design layouts, content elements, sections or components at least half of the time. That said we are looking for creative types with strong web graphics, web template and web page layout skills. Our design approach is cool, clean and sophisticated creating design layouts that have design impact and excitement. All applicants please have available examples of your work for review.

REQUIRED SKILLS: Excellent web page design and layout graphic skills. Ability to do multiple comps for WebPages, web templates, web page headers, banners. Web Logo design is a plus and preferred. Expertise with the most popular web design and web graphics software including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.

Generally we will do several web page design initial layouts/templates/ comps for sites. You should be able to produce layouts and templates quickly and productively. You must be able to do the HTML build out of the page layouts once selected. Our Design Director will frequently provide design input, sample layouts and photography that you can use. You should however be able to work creatively on your own as well. The job requires creating lots of partial comps, web page headers, header layouts, partial flash headers, and partial sections of sites in addition to full-page layout comps. Flash is preferred but not required. You should be able to create the quality level of say templatemonster, however our look is more simple and clean.

IMPORTANT NOTICE For All Applicants: You must have good communications ability, reply VERY quickly to E-mails and have access by telephone or skpe or messenger on regular basis. We are looking for and would prefer individuals who are physically located in the continental United States or North America - that can be reached by telephone during normal business hours as the need occurs, (as we have had communication/contact/time zone issues in the past when working with programmers in/from India or Eastern Europe.) That said the job is open to ALL reliable applicants WORLDWIDE with the technical qualifications listed in this post and fast reliable response time is mandatory. You can provide us with good references as to your work quality, dependability and reliable quick response time to communications. We require prompt communication, and the ability to meet timelines. All work produced is work for hire and we will retain ALL RIGHTS to work producT. Please be advised. A Work and a Non-disclosure/ non-compete agreement are required for all our freelance jobs.


Please clarify your bids and be very specific! is your bid for Hourly or Flat rate, if flat rate - if the bid is for 10, 15, 20, 25 hours? We are seeking cost efficient bids! The most cost efficient bids $30-$200 will be given preference.


We are receiving replies, however sending us a list of links claiming you did them without proof is meaningless. APPLICANTS HAVE PROVABLE non- India job references ready for us that we can contact regarding your work quality, job performance and job(s) done. Be prepared to take a test or trial test if we desire. Programmers, if you do not have strong experience with osCommerce please do not apply for this job. Designers have provable portfolios for review. Please clarify your bids and be very specific! Is your bid for Hourly or Flat rate, if flat rate - if the bid is for 10, 20, 25 hours? We are seeking cost efficient bids! The most cost efficient bids will be given preference, flat rate bids under $100 are most interesting for us, so so be competitive with your pricing! Please note, generally we do not pay over $5.00 hr to programmers based in India due to the many problems of quality/reliability/lost productivity and communications we have experienced when working with teams from this area. We prefer to work with individuals over large teams, however all are invited to bid. Thank you.

技能: 平面设计, PHP, 脚本安装, 网站设计

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