Mikrotik Hotspot Customization

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UpgradeWifi Requirements

☐ Issue's

   ☐ incorrect Pin code error does not show on login page

   ☐ When i go to manage ads and open an advertise the user menu appears and not master

   ☐ Router Settings >> Visuals Images are broken after uploading

   ☐ Advertise to expire upon number of views, views option not showing

   ☐ when users go to generate pins they can see ads

   ☐ when users go to generate pins they can see ads

   ☐ Export Names & emails for users for individual hotspots

☐ Ability to see online users on hotspots

☐ Clickable advertise

☐ Small UI Changes

   ☐ Add name and email of admin to admin page

   ☐ In the users list, replace people mac address when they sign in through voucher, change it from mac address to Pin Access

   ☐ ask for confirmation when deleting an advertisement

   ☐ remove all social media from dashboard

   ☐ Move Router Settings for Admins to Master Page

   ☐ Add Mikrotik Password field to Router settings >> Router

☐ Configure Layout 6 Vouchers per page on a4 for Pins

☐ Migrate Hotspot & Admin into one page

☐ Add hotspot source to users in master page

UpgradeWifi new features

☐ Facebook Login

   ☐ Social Facebook Login must be optional for Hotspots

   ☐ Gather mail, ID, gender,

   ☐ Move Settings to master page only

   ☐ Ability to set Internet plans for facebook logins

   ☐ Use Upgradewifi App for validating users

   ☐ Export facebook logged in users to csv

☐ Check Total usage for users on individual hotspots

☐ Email address of people who clicked on the advertise as a report

☐ Display transfer data usage in users list and being able to sort them as "Total Download"

☐ Receive an email notifications when all coupons are almost used for hotspots

☐ Show voucher history of a user and per voucher uses

Extra milestone will be added in the future in case of any extra features requested.



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