Risk management

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Checkpoints for Report

• Title and Table of Contents of Report

• Outline of report

• Background research on the company selected

• Questionnaire (what questions were asked in the interview)

• Brief discussion of some previous studies on risk management which fit your company

(summary of some previous studies not more than 600 -700 words- this summary of

studies is called the literature review) (document on Loop for literature review).

• Discussion of interview and your own discussion of what is important for risk manager in

your selected company (you can include duties of risk manager, the role with other

departments in company, how to manage risk in a crisis situation etc. This section is

open-ended (you can include whatever you like)

• Any Limitations (for example, difficulty finding people for interview questions, maybe all

questions were not answered according to your expectations etc.)

• Any other section you want to add is upto you

• Summary and Conclusion

• Add the references or bibliography (this is not included in Word Count)



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    • Forbes
    • The New York Times
    • Time
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Times Online