Create a script that connects to Xero and uses the data as we need.

Are you experienced with Xero?

We are a boat hire business that organises events on boats.

I need a xero plug in made in php that connects to my Xero invoices to use the data. It will run off my server in a directory of my web site. My site is a magento site and this plug in may also need to connect to Magento to get product information later down the track.

I need to be able to transfer the data from an invoice to a data base and then display it in a form that has a few more custom fields. The form is filled in and then sent to our suppliers to let them know that we have received payment on the Xero invoice and to give them details of the event.

As we make changes to the invoice in Xero it needs to keep updating the information in the data base.

The data will be stored and displayed using a job number. The job number will be the same as the Xero invoice number.

Some of the custom fields will use data stored in the data base to populate the field. eg. The name of the boat.

There will be different users who sign in to use this system so we need to be able to create accounts. There will be staff members with accounts, and suppliers with accounts.

Staff members will sign in to fill in the form, read documents, send emails etc. They will do all of this within a job number.

Suppliers will sign in to see a list of their confirmations. When they sign in they will see a table with job numbers and dates. The records will be sorted by date. Once a date has passed the record will be moved to a different tab called “Past Jobs” The supplier can click the record to see a list of the confirmations, time stamps etc for that job. They can reprint anything they need from here. They will also need to be able to search. A search window will search all of the data within each record.

Once the data is transferred from Xero to the form we need to add data to the extra custom fields and then click a button to send a pdf version of everything to some email addresses. We use Google mail for our emails if you need that info.

Two emails will be sent.

1. An email to the supplier with the details of the event and the invoice details which will need to be editable on our system. e.g. the price. We need to be able to edit the price in our system but not on Xero. If we manually edit that then the field should not update each time we update the data from Xero.

2. An email to the client that paid the invoice with a copy of the paid invoice and another PDF with the terms and conditions.

The process needs to save a copy of the form in the data base and if changes are made to the form each version needs to be saved so that we have a record of every change. We will need to be able to open each of the versions of everything. Eg if the customer pays an invoice with 4 payments over 4 weeks we will need to send email 1 and 2 each time a payment is received. So we will end up with









We need to be able to open each of them.

We also need time stamps that record when the changes were made and by which user, and it also needs to record time stamps each time it is sent to someone.

The email that is sent to the supplier will also need to have a button on the email and on the pdf that says “Click here to accept this job”.

Once they click the button it opens a page, automatically logs them in and displays the information again and asks them to click a button to confirm that they accept the job.

Once they click to confirm it needs to open a page that says Thank you for accepting the job. Job accepted on ”. There will also be a message underneath that says “do you want to print the confirmation?” If they click to print it prints. If not nothing happens.


技能: 客户关系管理, MySQL, PHP, 软件构架, Xero

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