MarkTeQ Work Management System (WMS) - Android


A unique product by MarkTeQ, which helps organizations to monitor and manage the employee work allocation and progress. Its a multi platform application which can be accessible for Web, Android Mobile and Windows Application. It is a collaborative tool consists of modules below: - Task management - Event Management - Project Management (Meetings - Customer Relationship Management (Calls, Leads, Opportunities, Forecasts, Contacts, Activities) - Sales (Quotation/Proposals, Invoice, Product Inventory Management, Taxation, Accounts) (Under Development) Technology: Asp.Net 3.5, MsSql Server 2008, Web service, jQuery Ajax Call, Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript, jQuery Charts Remarks: All the server calls are implemented using jQuery Ajax Call and in response we get json array and using that we generate HTML. Development Time: 4 Months Developer: 2 MSSQL : 110+ Tables, 600+ Stored Procedures

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MarkTeQ IT Solutions specializes in offering unique user centric IT solutions varying from Strategy, Design, Technology, and Marketing. MarkTeQ IT Solutions follows an approach which focuses on integrating Strategy, Design, and Technology & Marketing through specific practice groups, architecting a solution that meets your unique business requirements. At here we don't focus on verticals, we focus on "YOU". A holistic approach to the complex business problem is taken to arrive at a complete solution. At II, we implement a comprehensive Quality System to ensure that all projects executed by it conform to strict standards. This Quality System can also incorporate any procedures and standards specified by the Customer for their project. We consider this a key to successful business transitioning, enabled by the proposed application. Along with providing IT Services MarkTeQ IT Solutions is also working on developing large scale SaaS based products for various industries.

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