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This is a job ive donde for a small seller of dryed fruits, who wanted to expand his business through social networks.\nAs part of that job ive designed him a corporate image and i created his facebook fanpage.\n

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Im constantly learning and acquiring new skills. Freelancer has allowed me to work for clients from all around the world. I believe Social Media empowers people and create new opportunities for everyone, thats why I have worked for small and medium companies, and even political parties, designing digital strategies that have allowed my clients to increase their sales and their brand awareness. Would you like to know me better? Open a chat with me, Ill be glad to talk with you. My set of skills include: -Social media management and strategy. -Copywritting -Translations -Wikipedia editing -Research -Ghostwritting -Graphic designing -Marketing -Political communication -Research -Ghostwriting -Content creation

$30 美元/小时

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