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    Trophy icon Cool out Apparel 2 天 left

    Design me some cool apparel which included t-shirt fleece pants and socks for ladies and man. logo... girls crop top pantone 7520c with logo across the chest in white and the fleece shorts pantone 7520c with logo in the lower corner in white. socks to match like the attachment with a line and logo. be creative . the ai file is the logo to use.

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    we are looking for freelancer with knowledge about android application developement. we have the pre-existing trading signal provider which gives signals on binary options call/put. these signals as to be given in the app as call/put signal. so we are looking for a developer who can make an app to provide these signals.

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    Read this carefully,{ recommended ) I am looking for a website which is best...like google and easy to get approval from monitization website like Adsense. Website loading speed must be better, and template must be seo friendly. I have already sent attachment file . Analysis that website and tell me you can make [登录来查看链接] your best to make website,

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    Develop company main page in share point Create and submit form for approval in sharepoint ( to replace some of the word /excel forms) Create attachment/file submission for approval by uploading the file to sharepoint The forms & files submission if possible to be integrated to Box cloud for storage.

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    We need a new logo for our new internet platform. More information in attachment.

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    Check the Attachment Before You BID. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. Users should be able to create expiring, unique JavaScript code that they need to paste into their site. Then their website converts to SaaS site. Should be able to collect payment either through Stripe or PayPal. The system will then show the visitors of the site the plans to purchase or login

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    All the requirements are clear in our attached file. Also there is a sample txt file in the attachment (only sample) ****Please find the line that writes --> "Please tell your bids for only first option and for both options".**** NOTE: About the IMEI part, you can make different suggestion. Let me make a small explanation to avoid misunderstanding

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    Hi , We are looking for developer to Update an existing Chrome Extension to Scrap data. Please find the details in the attachment . Kind Regards

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    ...only $1 - Shipping food to the USA ? Remember to file PRIOR NOTICE only $1 4. All of banner will use in paid network advertising . PS. Sample banner from competitor is in attachment ....

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    I have a clinical software for a dental practice. They need to add a new feature where the doctor will make diagnosis of the patient using a graphical repr...time it will change state and color of this tooth and he can write information for this selected tooth. You must record the information in the database. Please find model in attachment as example

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    Hello, for who are interested in this project, we are looking for a experienced illustrator for 4 illustrations, according to 4 Photos. one photo as example see in attachment. please contact me when you are interested. we talk about that more in detail. thanks!

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    i need an [登录来查看链接] developper for an appsheet project. i would like to add multiple images in some columns, add mu...4X, photo route to indoor box, photo to vertical photo rise, photo to units, extra -and key column is building id all list should be sorted on adress and house number see attachment for spreadsheet, dont have to use other columns

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    ...long. See attachment for our expectations. Has to be similar) 6 X Infographics of our gaming chair (Refer to the six images attached "file name is from 1 to 6") 2 X 3D Rendered image of our chair in white background (per color). The model has 6 colors. So total it will be 12 pictures. Side and front angle shots. (refer to the attachment for example)

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    ...Evolution of our 2009 logo to 2013 to 2021. The new vision of the company is Technology - Digital and Renewables. Want the latest logo (clenergy_logo) to tell a story, The text is binary and appears on screen like digital text. The chevron arrows pulsate/ fly/ emerge out of the core - and then the 3 arrows one by one show us what is inside it - details in (segments)

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    I have 3 x logos - Want to show the transformation of our 2009 > 2013 > 2021 logo - Want to show the latest one in an almost 3d fo...technology, and future thinking - so want background music that goes with that. The 2021 logo is almost digital looking font, so its appearance on screen could play into the binary perspective of how it visually appears.

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    STATOCOM_Modeling_MATLAB 6 天 left

    Define equations, Model in MATLAB need 1200 words report too Listen Audio file in attachment

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    ...create a class to represent a memory whose size is defined at run-time via command-line argument. Your memory class will include utility member functions to load it by reading a binary file, print its contents with a hex dump, a method to determine if a given address is legal, and methods that allow a caller to read or write 8, 16 and 32-bit values from (or

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    We need a layout design for a Comedy Fest poster. In attachment you can find the logo. The logo has WHITE, BLACK and ORANGE. You can change the ORANGE to any color you find interesting. The name of the city where the festival will happen has 5 letters (we can't tell the name, so we put #####). The layout must be simple but something that creates impact

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    Trophy icon RGP logo design 2 天 left

    ...dark version, as well as having a symbol that can be used in a circle format on site profiles. Design should include vector format with all associated rights for use. The attachment shows some d20 based designs (20 sided die) as well as showing what the gem context is - i.e. a gem drop/ matching type game. Note - the heading was a typo... it's RPG logo

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    I am not a WP developer. I clicked rest all button in wp theme customizing page like attached image. Please check attachment carefully. If you can back up it, don't hesitate place bid in this project. Thanks reading.

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    Trophy icon Original Vitruvian Man Design 1 天 left

    Graphic: I'd like an original version of the "Vitruvian man" within a circle (See attachment for reference only). People should be able to make the connection to the original image, but it should not be a direct copy. - Should be a man's eyes, nose, mouth depicted on the head (low detail) - Head will have short hair - A plant leaf hanging vertically

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    Website refurbishment2 5 天 left

    My webpage: https://villmarkseven...[登录来查看链接] (Use Google translate - I will arrange for a better translation later) -Change style and colors of all pages so it looks like the pictures provided in the attachment -Improve Google optimization I pay a maximum of $ 50 for the job. Please do not ask for the job if you want higher pay.

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    I hav...improvements) 2. Real time chat - using Firebase real time database - Working (Needs improvements) 3. Picture upload in the chat - Working (Needs improvements) 4. Voice message attachment - working (Needs improvements) 5. The aesthetic of the app needs improvement (around 6-7 total screens) Any previous work related to Angular/Ionic is a plus

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    The provider sets up a crawler system based on python and selenium. One instance of the software will be be the foundation to crawl unlimited fur...instance of the software will be be the foundation to crawl unlimited furniture websites. The logic to crawl 2 websites are in the scope of this project. The websites are in the attachment to this project.

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    All the requirements are clear in our attached file. Also there is a sample txt file in the attachment (only sample) ****Please find the line that writes --> "Please tell your bids for only first option and for both options".**** NOTE: About the IMEI part, you can make different suggestion.

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    I need someone to write a python script by combining several R codes. The code is available to GitHub and I need the python script to generate a similar result as est...codes. The code is available to GitHub and I need the python script to generate a similar result as estimated on the output file. A text file with the link is added as an attachment.

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    Hello, i need someome that hasnreal and genuine forex trading leads, new not old and that is able to provide at least 100 comtacts to test!

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    I need to implement an Edwards25519 algorithm on FPGA and ASIC for any IoT application. Please find the further details in the attachment.

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    ...pages of my website and ensure that these 5 pages rank on page 1 of Google as fast as possible The 5 pages and their data points are given in the attachment. these 5 pages are marked in yellow. The attachment is the last 28 days data point of GSC. You will be given acceess to GSC once the work is awarded [登录来查看链接]

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    business name : sinwave computers its a online computer shop google how sine wave look like i will attach some idea. see attachment

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    ...poop” *currently I have 129 with bird poop images and 150 without bird poop images. Programming language = Python I want to use it on Raspberry Pi 4b -Image extract using Local Binary Pattern features with histogram -classify using a Convolutional neural network. I have dataset. I can provide ...

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    I am looking for the Experienced PHP developer or NODE js developer who can create the MLM (Binary MLM, Unilevel MLM,matrix MLM) Concept. Post Needs: MLM (Binary MLM, Unilevel MLM,matrix MLM) developer In Node js MLM (Binary MLM, Unilevel MLM,matrix MLM) developer in PHP Experience:5+yrs No agency, company and bidder please ONLY INDIVIDUAL CODER

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
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    Textual Analysis Essay 5 天 left

    ...contain a claim about the thesis of the essay you are analyzing. Make sure that you document your sources using MLA style. Remember to Double-Space whether you post as an attachment or whether you just post. These are the texts that you are analyzing from our textbook. You only have to choose one essay to reference in your essay. You can use both essays

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    Hi I need an API connection(XML interface) from my shopify shop to my supplier A technical white paper from the supplier can be found in the attachment. I will get more information from the supplier What would your offer be

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    ...image is permitted. But I like that the concept of an Helicopter and motorbike, will remain. Feel you free to modify the form of the helicopter or the bike. The images in attachment are only a suggestion, to show you "where I see the G in the cockpit an the B in the Bike." - I haven't the option but if you want you can use as final file, also a AI and

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    I need experience web base developer that can do like [登录来查看链接] with integration to shipping carrier, bank, credit card, and shopping portal like amazon, lazada, ...able to track shipment and send out SMS and bulk email for marketing . Developer need to have deep knowledge in Linux server, Cpanel. Please follow job scope through word attachment.

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    I want to build another building to the left of the current one and I am interested in making a graphic for the facade taking into accoun...windows as I drew in the picture "examples" c. Will have glass slide windows that will open to the back of the ornament pillars d. You can work directly in dwg format, see the attachment Thank you and good luck!

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    Gitibartarbaft carpet started its...- Great people skills, love to interact with people - Have natural talent for styling and beauty aesthetics You can see some of the collection of Gitibartarbaft in the attachment We give 10% commission to gross sales made by the agent ONLY AFTER TRADE CONCLUDED. Do not expect that we pay from beginning please.

    $9 - $35178
    $9 - $35178
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    Xcode, Swift Fitting 8 images into a circle. - 8 images should fil...([UIImage]) and some other parameters mentioned in description and documentation. If you have any more questions please ask;) Official documentation and example of output is in attachment. ‼️ PS If you are developer from India, then please do not place a bid. Thank you ‼️

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    Trophy icon HTML Landing Page 13 小时 left

    Need a mobile responsive html landing page for a real money gaming comp...page for a real money gaming company. Objective is to make users to download the apk file. You can use [登录来查看链接] as a reference. You can find the logos in the attachment. Fyi. Dangal Games is the main logo. And the remaining are the partner logos. Use them accordingly

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    Trophy icon PAN AM logo design 27 天 left

    Pan American freight needs a logo designed. Do not copy attachment. Only for inspiration

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    Read this carefully, { recommended } I am looking for a website which is bes...like google and easy to get approval from monitization website like Adsense. Website loading speed must be better, and template must be seo friendly. I have already sent attachment file . Analysis that website and tell me you can make [登录来查看链接] your best to make website,

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    Looking to hire someone with experience to modify some SVG images and create additional SVG elements specifically for our digital marketing niche. Please refer to the attachment for examples. I will provide additional requirements to qualified bidders. Thank you. Michael

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    Voice a text in Hindi -- 2 4 天 left

    Hi! I need to voice a text in hindi. In attachment you will find the text. (in hindi and in english) Please, voice just a small sentence from the text in hindi, so I can hear you voice. If everything will be good, we'll have plenty of work.

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    Trophy icon Logo For Chain of apartments 23 小时 left

    ...anything that delivers this message is a plus. Main languages is English but the Arabic part should also be readable as shown on the example. Name: REIF RESIDENCES. The logo in attachment shouldn’t be followed it only serves as an example of English/Arabic letters combined...

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    Trophy icon Create a fb/instagram ad 21 小时 left

    I'm looking for someone to create a facebook/instagram ad for me to run. I'm going to attach the concept of the ad in here. I made the attachment but it's nothing special. I'm also going to add a few more bullets that could potentially help but maybe it won't. Use your best judgment to get me the most clients. Use this phone number on the ad somewhere

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    ...text on it that has to be read. Then you'll have to setup a second document with the calendar (the 2 Documents will later be combined into 1 final product, see product in attachment). This is also very easy as there is a script, which will automatically format the whole calendar if you know how to work with scripts. You'll also have to change all the

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    In attachment I add in chronological order 4 of 12 small video takes. Please edit this to a very concise video of max. 1 min, with a slide at the end showing the name and logo of the company. (slide also added). Background royalty free music !! For your information: we are casting a window handler in bronze in these videos. Attention: I was

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    ...should have a professional and technically appealing design with a dose of various animations and interactions for users. You can find comments on individual websites in the attachment Further work would concern the graphic design of various advertising and sales materials. Sites we like: [登录来查看链接] Thanks and have a nice day David

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