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    ...realistic anymation of about 15 seconds like this example: [登录来查看链接] We do have a technical drawing of the pelletstove (3d STEP file) and we have some examples of interiors that we like to show. I added a photo of the stove. The Step file can be posted after starting the project. The video needs no music and no voice over. For more

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    We need a 3d designer to make a 3d model (a girl) after a photo. The model must be made so that you can later change eye color, hair color, hair shape, face, breasts, as well as clothing and footwear. It must also be able to rotate both horizontally and vertically 360 degrees It must be able to change its state / position in different positions (standing

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    I need an...Cloud Functions, Realtime Data Base, Firestore). To validate the project, a simple Login and Logout model is necessary so that I can perform the test. In order for me to test the number of active users simultaneously, there must also be a simple model where I can determine, by the user's email, how many simultaneous devices he can have.

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    Fitness website 6 天 left

    Need a developer to create a fitness website. Must be expert in following: - html, JQuery, Javascript, php .net, sql, [登录来查看链接] for 3d model integration and make this interactive For more details plz text me

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    3D Map Model Graphic Design 6 天 left

    I have a 3-D scan of approximately 33 acres of land and water. I would like to add elements like buildings And Roads to develop a conceptual site plan for a music and entertainment beach club venue.

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    Hello, I have a character model that is completed, but I need the animation to be improved a bit. It's a low-poly model, so it shouldn't be too hard. It will only be 1 animation. You can create the model in another software, but you must have knowledge of Unity3D. Project must be completed in 1 week.

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    Just need to have an icon created with my brand name. Its simple & clean with using my theme colour Black and rose gold and the font colour. I've attached some examples of icons i would like to centre

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    C# Project 6 天 left

    1- Standalone application 2- Error free 3- Coding should be simple clear and well commented for reusability and development 4- MVC object oriented model 5- database 6- Security (runs only on specific computer activated manually) 7- includes drag and drop data , conditions , simple calculations, chart 8- output files in pdf and excel and save more details

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    We want to implement Voip sales and customer support for our e-commerce business sel...sales and customer support for our e-commerce business selling loan and homeschooling application assistance. we are looking for a experienced team to implant a subscription model onto our website 3 month to 5 years subscription for application assistance services

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    Write 1000 Sentences -- 8 6 天 left

    ...difference between a condo and an apartment building? Response: A student wants to say that a condo is taller than an apartment building. Sentences we are looking for (some examples): - I think a condo building is taller. - A condominium is higher than an apartment. - A condo is really tall, but apartments are not. (basically, you would write what a

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    Edit Video in My Way 6 天 left

    I want you to edit my videos, I have couple of examples videos for you to watch and understand. Go and watch at my youtube channel on the most recent upload list and if you can do that, Direct Message Me YouTube Channel Name (JOOKEER or Jookeer Cyber Hunter)

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    Trophy icon Marketing agency 14 天 left

    Looking for marketing agency/professionals to work on the development on our platform [登录来查看链接] we are looking for skilled people t...skilled people to add value, bring traffic and convert customers, talk about us, as well as increase our referral program. contest output is to bring a marketing plan with examples, ideally quantified results

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    ...using Mapbox that generates enough detail for me to create a unique gift. Here are some examples [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] These are only examples and I would like a distinctive alternative. This then would need to be integrated into a

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    ...are an education and support organisation with an external online community, providing a digital platform to deliver our services. The outcomes of our education and support model mobilise youth towards personal action for social change (practical activism, artistic expression, social movements, etc.) Most of our online users are referral-based, sent

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    We're looking for a 3d model designer to create figurines

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    ...should include a description of the installation of the necessary Python libraries. Your job: - It will be based on the combination and modification of ready-made examples (PyWebwiev, PySimpleGUI, Matplotlib) and its own solutions. Program description (general): 1. The program starts at system startup (PyWebwiev with fullscreen option)

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    Attention: UI/UX Designers! 6 天 left

    ...they can showcase to investors or pass on to a development team. We are looking for highly polyvalent and independent UI/UX designers. To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your previous work 2. Let us know how much do you charge for a complete product design project (from User research to the final developer files handoff) Also, so we know

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    25 个竞标 enter the restaurant, on the left and right the walls are much higher. On these walls I would like to put an item from a company called MossTrend. I have attached some examples of it. I want it to be on both walls, with the name “Verde” in the middle wand “Healthy Living” written under “Verde”. Most Importantly, I want all of the furniture to come

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    Review and rewriting of a feasibility and business plan documents for a brewing company. Together with provision of financial model in excel. Detailed Terms of reference will be shared The entire work has been budgeted for a max of USD 100 fixed non negotiable.

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    Trophy icon Becoming Excellent, Inc LOGO 2 天 left

    Please create a logo that represents AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN LEARNING FINANCIAL LITERACY! This is what the company is about. The name of the comp...represents AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN LEARNING FINANCIAL LITERACY! This is what the company is about. The name of the company: Becoming Excellent, Inc .... I attached some examples. but you can freestlye

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    A 3d model of a battery box with detail

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    Would like a corporate style video made for a housing builder.......anyone who has made such videos please share examples. eg timber doors, houses...doors, windows high end home builders

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    ...TeamViewer session) a Linq expert to convert a stored procedure into a Linq Query to perform a single EF query to the Database. Here is the original procedure: I dont have a sample Model - but basically, it will require updating 1 parent entity, 2 related child entities CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[CreateScanOutActivity] @SerNoIdTable IDTable READONLY,

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    We are a teacher training company. We have redesigned our website, and in the process lost all our blogs. We want articles of useful interest for K12 teachers. Examples of what we have posted recently are found here [登录来查看链接] The blog article writer is likely to need a background in ESL. We would want a commitment to write

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    ...on screen in the assigned color by the user 1c: Set a database for the imported models and provide the user to Add/Edit additional data, documents and properties for each model 1d: Provide user with tools to categorize / filter the models based on user’s preferences such as Design Disciplines, Category / Type of components, etc. 1e: Provide user

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    I fitted a nixed model and need an analysis to make the necessary forest plots and interprete

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    Trophy icon Sketching old photos 6 天 left think would suit your version best. You should choose one of the attached photos and transform it into what you think should look like. I am also attaching archives of examples of "yes" and "no's". What I would like to see : scenes fading into a background, tasteful colors, suggested features but not too stylized What I do NOT want : cheeky/exaggerated

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    ...login. We will provide our squarespace account to set up the website. Please provide a quote to complete the task and provide a timeframe to complete. Please also provide examples of squarespace websites you have solely created. Many thanks...

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    template for new ebay seller 6 天 left
    已验证 to see green and other natural colors dominate, pastel colors or photos / graphics with elements from nature I wish it was simple, not overloaded with elements examples of templates that I like transparency , top menu : [登录来查看链接] Interesting style : [登录来查看链接] colours , menu compactness at the bottom: http://tiny

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    I need a 3D model of something.

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    Hello, I am looking for a CAD designer to create my concept and signet ring for printing. Attached is the image I would like to use and some examples of similar rings. Looking forward to speaking to you and diving into this project more. Thanks Guy

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    Looking to build a cool website which is a map all elements in the website are attached to a map. I saw some cool react -...which is a map all elements in the website are attached to a map. I saw some cool react - mapbox integrations but I am open to ideas. You MUST have great JS abilities and examples of work you have done with MAPS and GEODATA!

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    ...access to Pay-as-you-go (leasing) assets to lift them out of poverty. We are supporting clean electricity & cooking and sanitation & transportation solutions, among other examples, all across the Globe. The software is a specialized product that facilitates the work of distributors in the field and gives super-powers to agents on the ground managing

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    Player/Enemy detection for CS:GO game using C++ We need an app that can detect Enemy in CS:GO using C++ and control the mouse follow the player. We need a training model to help program Smarter on recognition object. High performance base on game FPS Video similar to project : [登录来查看链接]

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    Unity Heavy Machine 3D Models 6 天 left

    I want heavy machine 3d model for unity. any bulldozer, axcavator, truck, dump truck etc.. if you have these vehicle contact and send to me..

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    build 3d model 6 天 left

    I want to build 3d model for 3d printing

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    Trophy icon Custom Movie Posters 29 天 left

    ...idea is that users will be able to upload a photo online and we superimpose it on a gallery of pre-built movie posters. The main title should be editable. I've uploaded two examples - we want the same posters designed (identical - tiny minor changes is okay) if we are happy with the quality of work - we will work with you to build over 30+ custom movie

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    Use recaptcha Google in an App Server Blazor in validation of the Registration Model for example.

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    App Building 6 天 left
    已验证 to sell there old mobile devices, the data of repair prices with price and model will be provided buy us in excel sheet and app should be able to update the same thru excel sheet only Same goes for customer selling there mobiles how much we can buy and what model we are buying based on conditions, soce, ram, brand etc will be provided to us in

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    Erotica Short-Stories (5) 6 天 left

    I have a website ...going to be ongoing and we are going to look at publishing 20 short stories a month so if your work is very good then we will continue to use you for more. We will need to see examples of your work preferably in the same genre along with your experience. Ideally we want this based on price and come up with a price for each story.

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    Hey Guys, Looking for a low poly 3D Artist who will take care of creating character, rigging both skin rig and general rig, environment, tools etc everything related to the game. If you are interested send your portfolio. Thanks

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    Cabin Design 6 天 left

    I need a 3D model of a cabin with dimensions of 8ft x 8ft (2440 x 2440 mm). The cabin to be designed are of the types that we see in malls like small jewellery vendors, ice cream parlours, food services, customer care services, marketing booth for company that plan to buy the booth. And for this reason I have also attached an image of the tentative

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    Hi All, I need someone with very good experience in Enterprise Architecture tool iServer. He should have knowledge in building and modifying meta model, customize diagrams, build artifacts and generate portal.

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
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    ...PICTURED in the examples - the female should be holding a stack of t-shirts as she is taken them happily. Please disregard the cats in the example. We would like some form of cursive/caveat like font at the bottom reading: "My Girlfriend's Tee". Keep it simple and clean - feel free to reach out for any questions but try to similar to the examples provided

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    Looking for a female model in india ( jaipur) for weekly photoshoota indoors for indian wear brand .

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
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    ...different colors as the base of the t-shirt (same design): cardinal red A shade of dark purple a color of your choice/creative freedom Please follow the general design of the examples. The design should take about the same space in the example picture attached ~ 30% of the shirt is used. Halo-halo is a colorful desert and I would expect to see at least

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    House visualisation -- 2 6 天 left

    ...these, though I would like to approve them first. I am after photo realistic render. I want 5 "photo's from different perspectives of the house. I also of course want the model file, in what ever software program it is rendered in. I would like the the house presented on a generic grass and tree studded environment. I do not have the design on autocad

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    T tradeamca Looking for a membership based marketplace type of website preferably in wordpress with the fol...- All buyers and sellers would need to be registered to see any listings. Admin chooses what listings can be seen in each user dashboards. Please apply with experience and examples of past work, what plugins you would be using and time frames.

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    Trophy icon Basic logo 6 天 left

    Looking for a basic logo for a running race - Herdy's FrontYard Ultra We are looking for a "rustic" "vintage" look for it (examples attached) we looking for the logo to be a " boot kicking a butt" (example image attached) The text of the logo should be: Herdy's FrontYard Ultra and the tag line should: Are you ready for the boot? Extra information

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