Stripe is a reliable, secure payments platform that you can use for your business or project. It has the ability to process multiple payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Alipay, Apple Pay and more, so you can offer various payment methods to your customers. A Stripe Expert can help you with setting up Stripe on your website, customizing checkout pages, integrating Stripe with other services and platforms, handling customer support and disputes, data analytics and more. With a Stripe Expert's help, you can take payments securely and quickly without any headaches.

Here's some projects that our expert Stripe Experts made real:

  • Created checkout pages with order bumps
  • Integrated custom Stripe payment processing onto websites with no plugins
  • Developed API Payment Gateways
  • Built PHP Scripts of Stripe ACH feature
  • Replaced old Woocommerce payment details with new ones
  • Integrated Paypal and Stripe payment options on Woocommerce websites
  • Connected React app to Netlify with Stripe integration

Hiring a Stripe Expert on, who has experience in various tasks related to this payments platform, will help you make sure that you are taking the most efficient approach in setting up a secure payment system for your business or project. Whether it’s customizing a checkout page or making sure all the integrations are taken care of correctly - a Stripe Expert can do it for you. Invite your customer to post their own project and hire an expert freelancer on who is knowledgeable in the field of Stripe payments!

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    I have created an ntegration between Airtable and Stripe to keep products, pricing, and sales transactions synchronized in real-time. This integration is critical and basic for maintaining up-to-date records across both platforms without manual intervention. I have one element that is not working and I need someone to jump in and fix it! **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience with Airtable and Stripe API integration. - This project requires a freelancer who is meticulous and experienced in automating processes, with a specific focus on Airtable and Stripe platforms. The goal is to eliminate manual data entry and ensure our products, pricing, and sales transactions are always synchronized and accurate across both systems.

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    I am seeking a professional web developer experienced in using Nuxt3 to implement Supabase as an authentication/database backend and Stripe for custom form checkout purposes on my website. We just need a proof of concept with the aforementioned functionality and we'll then integrate it ourselves to our website. The project is for two pages, Cart and Dashboard. Please refer to the diagrams for more detail on what we need. We'll provide the developer with the SUPABASE and STRIPE API KEYS. We'll need the PoC to run in Key Features: - User Authentication: Users should be able to register, login, and logout securely using Supabase authentication. - Database Integration: Supabase will serve as our primary database; knowledge of Supabase is required. - Custom Form Checkout: ...

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    We are looking for an INDIVIDUAL (not a company) who is skilled in implementing Stripe features in our mobile app. Must have react native skills. Stripe is already implemented in our mobile app and it works fine. However, we want to make the users’ experience better by allowing users to pay by 1) tap to pay and 2) scan card to pay for iPhones and Androids. See below. We will pay a fair local market rate directly to you – the developer. Must provide a good understanding and sample work showing scan to pay and tap to pay implementations that you have done. There may be other opportunities for a long-term relationship.

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    I'm aiming to implement Stripe Connect on Webflow to facilitate payments between different businesses within a marketplace. Customers are buying products on the webflow website which alredy works well. Then we need to pay the suppliers via strip connect which we don't manage to and need help with. Key Requirements: - Extensive experience with Stripe Connect Integration - Understanding of B2B transactions - Proficiency in setting up product purchase transactions Your role will be to build out the payment structure, ensuring seamless business to business transactions for products through Stripe Connect. Familiarity with marketplace platforms is a bonus, as the aim is to create a transaction-friendly environment for businesses to thrive. Please relay your experience relative to ...

    $560 (Avg Bid)
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    I’m looking for a highly proficient full stack developer, experienced in Stripe KYC and APIs to handle payments and construct an engaging admin section for my project. The skills and qualities essential for this job include: - Proficiency in JavaScript, TypeScript, Next JS - Solid experience with Stripe KYC and APIs - Knowledge in planning and creating user-friendly admin sections - Must have experience working with webRTC, websockets, Admin Section Desired Features: - User Management: The ability to control and manage user profiles. - Dashboard Analytics: The ability to track and display crucial data and metrics. - Content Management: A system that efficiently manages and controls website content. Stripe Payment Functionalities: - Handling One-time payments: Implementing a func...

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    I'm looking for an experienced front-end (mainly) developer who is able to pick up a proof-of-concept stage of an web-app and co-develop it further. Current tech-stack includes: - Node.js, , MongoDB in the backend - JS, vue.js, leaflet in the frontend The web-app has reached a functional state however there are some missing components that would have to be implemented: - Authentication and user profile management - Frontend UX design (home page, add item page, user-profile) - In further stage integration of a payment gateway Please provide rough hourly estimation for the above tasks. Feel free to ask any questions. Greets Andrzej

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    I'm seeking a skilled Flutter developer to integrate credit and debit card payment options into our Dart app using Flutter Stripe, with a specific focus on enabling split payments on a percentage basis. This integration needs to facilitate immediate processing of payments. **Requirements:** - **Integration Expertise**: Experience with Flutter Stripe integration is crucial. You should be able to seamlessly incorporate credit and debit card payment options. - **Payment Logic**: Proficiency in implementing split payment functionality. The system should automatically divide payments among specified parties based on predetermined percentages. - **Immediate Processing**: The ability to process payments instantly upon transaction completion. Real-time payment handling is essential fo...

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    I'm looking for a talented Full Stack Developer with a specific skillset to bring new life to existing websites. This project is very simple, all you need to do is accept payment details input on one website, take those payment details, transmit it to the parent website to process the payment with Stripe. Make sure you know how encrypt the payment information using appropriate encryption from one site to another. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Proficiency in JavaScript: You should be comfortable with JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive web experiences. - React Knowledge: Experience with React is essential, as we aim to enhance the website's user interface with efficient, reusable components. - Node.js Expertise: Familiarity with Node.js is crucial for backend dev...

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    I'm currently encountering an issue where the Stripe non-hosted payment gateway doesn't consistently load on the ETS one-page checkout page in Prestashop 8.0.1. This issue occurs across all browsers and the exact problem isn't visible - the Stripe mechanism simply doesn't work may times. It works most of the time when I enable developers' console in the browser. Freelancers interested in this project should have the following skills and experience: - Extensive experience in troubleshooting and resolving issues in Prestashop 8.0.1 - Profound knowledge of Stripe Payment Gateway module and one page checkout module - Ability to detect and fix errors that aren't directly visible or intuitively identifiable While applying, please include: - Past work experiences...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to integrate Stripe Connect into my multi-platform online marketplace. I aim to include both destination charges and separate charges and transfers functionalities to streamline payments between users. **Key Requirements:** - **Programming Skills:** Proficient in JavaScript for our web components, Swift for iOS, and PHP alongside HTML for our desktop website. Knowledge of integrating Stripe Connect with these technologies is a must. - **API Integration:** Experience in connecting APIs, specifically Stripe Connect API, to enable seamless transactions across our platform. - **Stripe Connect Features:** Implementing Destination Charges and Separate Charges and Transfers. Familiarity with these specific Stripe Connect features is essential. **Ideal Candidat...

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