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    Data transfer From Aws S3 to Digital Ocean Spaces

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    I need someone who can download my other website and upload it on the other domain. The domain to upload to is [登录来查看链接] . The website to download is [登录来查看链接] I am looking for someone with experience in wordress, woocommerce and wordpress forms who can do that job for me. You can overright the files on [登录来查看链接]

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    We require a web developer to create a website and application (C# backend and .NET framework) with secure login and user registration and database in SQL Server, a page with several forms to fill in, one more page to set up some personal metrics and a dashboard to view those form data and metrics. Total pages: Around 10. All pages will need to be

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    Long term contract. 6-7 months. Remote work 9AM - 6PM IST hours. Skill set required os C++, C# and SQL.

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    We have a very large and extended website , developed using wix. Now wix is so slow, we need to have all in another, faster language, potentially html. The site is [登录来查看链接]

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    This project is about building a website very similar to [登录来查看链接], I have already the main php script for the file transfer app, however I need someone to code the main website and link it to my AWS s3 account using that script. This website must include members area with private cloud, payment gateway, two language option (english and spanish)

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    I have 1000s of excel csv files, they are in folders and sub folders. I need somebody to create a program to loop through all the files and import them in to my MS SQL database.

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    I want to make a checkout page in my existing website in which user can give their all shipping details and data would be stored into database.

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    1. You have to transfer your application to my iTunes. 2. Provide source code(Objective - C or Swift) of it. Or If you have source code than I can provide my developer details. you can upload from that when apps goes live you will get your money. Price is fix 100$

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    I am looking for a MS SQL server expert to assist to create reports. i am looking to create a simple report which i have the data just needed is scripted. this would be for ongoing work

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    Dear Coder i have an existing website in html and a fresh installed WP with a theme to be used. Later you will need to transfer 3 more pages to this layout. A contract is only valid when y start now and transfer until evening. If y only want to park the contract you will not get paid at all. Dont bid if y cant do that job today. thanks I made a sceme

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    Stock Market Simulator Login Page with hashing, and connection to databases, with a create account form 100 fictional stocks with live charts allowing user to buy and sell live. Quiz with 10 questions to ask user about responsibilities of trading and store scores in database [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Othe...

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    We would like our old Magento website transferred to a new server. The website should not be view-able by any search engine or usable by public (password protected for internal company use only) We have since moved to a Shopify site and would just like to keep Magneto site operating for old records. Website files also to be slimmed down to just allow

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    1. You have to transfer your application to my iTunes. 2. Provide source code(Objective - C or Swift) of it. Or If you have source code than I can provide my developer details. you can upload from that when apps goes live you will get your money. Price is fix 100$

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    You will work with a team of Data Analyst and Project Man...time. A proper request and delivery channel will be provided. You are able to clean up data and send clean results at all time. Your skills: You are very good with writing SQL queries You are a good data analyst with skills to understand irregularities in data Data cleanup and mining skills

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    Hello i need both my stores transferred to my shopify partners account and set up exactly how they are now

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    Need Visual Basic 6 code to receive text data from one pc. Then send a response with text back to ...back to the PC that sent the request. The two PC’s will NOT have IIS running. I DO NOT WANT TO USE WINSTOCK I believe DCON will work but not sure. Data size is about 30K. Server side and Client side code or Client to Client code. Code must be VB6

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    PC to PC data transfer 已经结束 left

    Need Visual Basic 6 code to receive text data from one pc. Then send a response with text back to the PC that sent the req...that sent the request. The two PC’s will NOT have IIS running. I DO NOT WANT TO USE WINSTOCK I believe DCON will work but not sure. Data size is about 30K. Need code for Server side and Client side or Client to Client code.

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    Automated Script to setup and link published version of .NET Software to SQL Server Database

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    I want to get all TecDoc automobile database and import it to mySql database on my server. Developer must get all database from TecDoc and convert it into sql format compatible with opencart plugin. Requirements are: - Database language must be in: Turkish - sql files with all TecDoc database compatible with opencart Plugin - folder with images for

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    I have a shopify website which I wish to transfer over to WordPress (WooComerce) I have already the WordPress theme and I need someone to help me transfer all products (30 in total) and copy pasting the information to my new WordPress theme. Please send me your proposals and how long it will take you to finish this task Kind regards, Christos

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    Hi There, I have Unicenta POS system using a SQL database. I need someone to edit the database for me. This job needs done today please Thank you

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    ...Modifikasi aplikasi pengiriman file multicast (misal pakai UFTP) di lingkungan windows, di sisi server pengirim maupun klien penerima. (lebih lengkap lihat flow chart yg disertakan sudah disertakan) Aplikasi di sisi server - Aplikasi yg dibangun untuk memanage transfer file multicast harus berjalan di background (menjadi service windows) - Aplikasi yg dibangun

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    ...uploading a picture example of current site. There will be a few more pages to the site. But this is how it looks now. I built this with HTML, JS, AXIOS, PHP, TWILLIO, and SQL. Im looking to make it better with react. This is a big project that involves sending messages with twillo, uploading ID's and verifying phone numbers, sending orders, tracking

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    I need my server fixed. The hosts forced a transfer to a new server (updated) but refused to move any of the data even though it is a fully managed server. I hired someone from here and they did a lot of the work but many things seem to be beyond them. Several of the sites did not transfer properly and thus do not work. Your job would be to fix the

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    ...that it is not a major bug, but I need it fixed never-the-less. 2. I want to transfer the website to a different server. Actually I want to transfer 2 websites to a different server. I have sites on two different servers and I want to combine them and place them on one server. 3. The website has spelling errors on the site. I would like to give you

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    Wordpress Site transfer from one to another domain

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    ASP.NET AND MS SQL Developer for a direct selling job for a very small project

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    I currently have a .SQL database that resides on an external hard drive. It is approximately 175GB in size and has about 175 million rows of data. I need this database “connected” to a PC using dbForge Studio - [登录来查看链接] This program already exists on the computer and the database on the external drive used to be

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    C# SQL Quick Project 已经结束 left

    Will explain in detail if interested

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    Need Magneto 2 expert to transfer 12000 products with attributes to magento 2 website from a csv

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    hi, i have 3 LoRa nodes. which are build with Arduino UNO and LoRa RFM shield. where i want to add DHT 11 temperature sensor with node A. and i want to send the temperature value from node A to node B. at the same time while node B will receive the data from node A, immediately it will send to node C. *code should support on Arduino IDE *sensor node should have e specific NODE ID *receiver nod...

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    Microsoft SQL proxy agent 已经结束 left

    ...project and submit ideas with your bid. Standard "I can do this" Will be deleted We have a SQL 2016 Standard AG two servers (Server 2016 standard, SQL 2016 standard) at different data centers. The AG works as it should. The program that needs to read and write to the SQL AG in not AG aware. What I am looking for is a simple lightweight proxy agent that will

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    We require our website transferring over from Wix to Magento?

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    we are a transfer and Tour Provider in Greece and we would like to create our company logo. The Name of the Website will be TRIPWEL (Tripwel) We want to make an impression, we would like a logo that will give to the traveller the oportunity to feel safe for choosing us and also remember the company name easy

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    58 个竞标 display in SQL Server 2016 that uses the Data Report application for the reports. We configured another server and tried to take all the data, reports etc. Now in the new server, Application (which was developed in ASP.Net and a web based application and the server OS is Windows Server 2012) is hosted, the database (SQL Server 2016)...

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    8 个竞标 not have cars, but instead rely upon an affiliate network. More information regarding our firm can be found at Migrate current SQL tables from internal MS Business Server and establish them on the cloud (Azure/AWS). Build new web-based front end. Integrate with existing MS 365/Azure products. Full budget for the project:

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    Working with SQL -- 2 已经结束 left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using SQL.

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    We have an old website for our business Plan Medico PLUS that needs its content transferred to a new website template we created on Wix. My husband has no time and I need this done fast. We need for it to be bilingual. And we want to have a blog attached to it. The person needs to have copywriting skills and communicate well with us.

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    I have 2 wildcard SSLs for 2 domains from godaddy on a Centos server running iredmail . I need the SSL certificates copied to 3 Windows IIS (Server 2012 and 2016) . You will need to find the private keys on the centos and copy to the IIS boxes. Access with be via TeamViewer version 11 or anydesk to a workstation and from there you will have access

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be [登录来查看链接] software should be capable of extracting data from folders and subfolders and should be able to provide data in Excel file. I should be able to customise the format

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    we have 2 1and1 servers , we would like to transfer all data and applications in those servers to our new server at contabo we have erpnext ,web applications , mobile applications installed there and erpnext instance at other, so we have to make all domain forwardings etc. also all backups it should run as it works before. best regards

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    I have around 250 - 270 products that i want to migrate from Wix to Shopify. All the data like prices, images, variations etc will be transferred to my new Shopify website.

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    SQL Server was running and suddenly SQL Server was stopped with different errors looking for fixing this issue

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    Hi, I need some one to transfer 33 simple blog posts (title and image) from the site below to an new WIX site I am working on. [登录来查看链接] This is a very simple task but I want to work with a WIX expert because I may have more complex tasks in the future. Only bid if you meet the following criteria: - You are a WIX specialist and know WIX

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    I have a SharePoint 2016 with SQL server 2014, and I need to have a RBS server for that. I want to learn how to make it

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    Looking who can improve and redesign (new template) overall layout of the existing website and transfer it to WordPress for easer. Looking who can make it more appealing and google friendly. Exiting web site: [登录来查看链接] Company name changed since. (new Domain and Hosting is already set up and ready for a new website)

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    Merge two tables with SQL query I have two tables inside database ‘ChemeterData’ which need to be merged. Though a simple task, my knowledge with SQL is too limited to figure this out. Table 1. ([登录来查看链接]) Colums: Product_Code ; Product_Name; Brand; Language; HSentences; PSentences; Pictogram1; Pictogram2; Pictogram3; Pictogram4; Pictogram5; Signal_words;

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    MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH PREVIOUS COSMETIC or lasik websites. I currently have a website Need it to be updated and possibly an all new design..with video testimonials. I do LASIK and Cataract surgery.. A similar website would be: [登录来查看链接] or [登录来查看链接] Bids should include something similar with option to sell products through the website as well. If you have experience b...

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    Data base ( er diagram , sql) project

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